How To Get An Approval From Parents For A Sex Doll?

How To Get An Approval From Parents For A Sex Doll? | Sex Dolls Fairyland

It’s true that we are already beyond the days when owning a life-sized sex doll was seen as a symbol of loneliness or the worst, loser. Now, responsible people from all walks of life are buying sex dolls not because they’re single, but because they want to explore their hidden sexual desires and seek a partner that never leaves them high and dry or make a complaint about trivial things. But there’s always a worry about how to tell your parents about your sex life – especially if you’re living with them.

In this blog-post, we are going to outline a detailed process of getting your parents’ approval of you owning a life-sized sex doll. It will help you make sure they don’t interfere in your sex life ever again nor do they get any “unpleasant surprise” rather unexpectedly.

Getting Parents Approval for a Sex Doll

The rationale is not to go rogue or talk bluntly about your sexual preferences. Instead, follow a slow and gradual process of informing your parents and getting their consent.

1. Analyze their Opinion About Dolls

How you should seek approval is all dependent on your parents’ opinion regarding sex dolls. You need to find out what they think of your sexual preferences or what’re their views regarding sex toys. You can do that:

a) Give Them “Vague” News

It’s not recommended to speak plainly about your love for a life-sized doll. Instead start your conversations like, “Mom, I have got a piece of news for you. You know, I am looking to buy something I have been craving to get for a while now. I just needed your consent to proceed.” Your mum will be curious about what you desperately want to get and would ask questions. Now, start giving her “signals” about what she might expect. Center your conversation around your love life and try to mention “sex doll” once or twice to assess her reaction.

Based on her immediate reaction to the word “sex doll”, you need to tailor your strategy. If she appeared angry or too emotional, then try to divert her attention by changing the topic. You know the rule, “Play it slow, play it safe.”   

Remember, she is bound to get a shock – that’s somewhat natural. If she doesn’t yell or get angry, then you need to step up your game.

b) Start Mentioning “Sex Dolls” Quite Too Often and Sharing Stories

Now that you have given her “hints”, it’s time to open up further about your desires. Start telling your parents on phone, chat, or in-person about your sexual wishes and keep mentioning “sex dolls” every time you talk with them about your love life.

Speak high of your to-be romantic partner in front of them whenever you get a chance and tell them how much you love to have her in your life. Tell them you have already selected your new partner and praise her beauty. Whatever qualities they wanted to see in your future wife, incorporate them in your stories. Let them know she is your dream woman, the one you always wanted to end up with.

c) Show Them the Glimpse of Your Partner

By now, your parents already know of your sexual preferences and by not getting angry, they somehow already approved of it. It’s time to move beyond verbal stories and get practical.

Capitalize on the digital tech and post her photos on Facebook or any other social media platform. Taking her snaps without raising suspicion could be difficult. A good strategy is to use low-quality dull or blur photos of you and your sex doll or use photo editing software to manipulate them accordingly. You can also dress her up in nice attire and cover her face too while taking photos to keep everyone guessing.

Your parents would probably realize how much love you have for your dream life-sized sex doll. They’d have no option but to respect your feelings.

d) Ask Them Directly

Now that you have done the hardest part, it’s time to reap the benefits. Arrange a small dinner party for your parents, prepare two to three different meals – probably their favorite dishes – make a decent sitting arrangement, and invite them over.  

Now, brace yourself for the most memorable dinner of your life – at least for your parents as you’d be seeking final approval from your parents for a sex doll. They’d already have an idea about what you’re going to say. So, you don’t need to worry a lot. Just muster up some courage and start the topic and explain as to why you want to bring a Silicone or TPE sex doll to your bedroom.

Thanks to your earlier buildup of anticipation, your parents would not argue much. Be ready and willing to answer any and all of their questions politely. We leave it up to your imagination about how much details you want to share with your parents and how but one thing is for sure, your parents will appreciate how much you have gone through just to seek their approval and not hurt their feelings.

Hopefully, they will give you approval, whether they like it or not, at least for the moment. But I guarantee you, they’d accept your choice by heart over time.    

A. There’s No Going Back

Never push too hard to keep it a secret for eternity. You aren’t doing anything wrong or “too young” to buy and enjoy a sex doll. You’ve every right to fulfill your sexual desires and live your romantic life to the fullest.

Even if your parents have shown anger or dissatisfaction with your choice, you should still go with your plan of buying a cute, little partner. Let them know of your intentions in the politest way possible that you can’t imagine your life without her; that you haven’t bought one already just because you wanted their approval first. It may entail a short period of awkwardness but that you have to endure.

Hopefully, they’d understand that you are an adult and have every right to make your choices.

2. How to seek Approval If Parents Catch You Unexpectedly

Here’s what you need to do in case your mum has suddenly found out about your sex doll.

a) Stay Calm

Never try to be in a rush to tell your parents about your sexual desires or your new partner. Often panic overwhelms the first-time sex doll owners the day after they bring the new member to the house. Remember, she isn’t horrified or a monster that you should feel awkward about. She is bound to captivate your parents – should you stay calm and wait for the right moment.   

Take a deep breath and remember, you’re a grown-up. Grownups do have sex. There’s nothing to be ashamed of. You get to live your life once and you’ve every right to enjoy your romantic life to the fullest – and do whatever you like.    

So, chill out and enjoy your life with a cute, little partner. I promise your parents would understand and respect your feelings – if you don’t go rogue and let them know when you feel comfortable.

b) Don’t Yell or be Disrespectful

 Most people tend to lose their cool if their parents find out about their silicone or TPE sexual partners by chance. Your first instinct could be to yell at your parents or get annoyed. Getting angry and yelling phrases like, “Mind your own business”, “It’s my life”, or at worst, “Get out” should be avoided at all cost.

Your response should be subtle and polite. Accidents happen and you can’t always predict them. Don’t give a reaction right away and instead, wait for a few minutes to gather yourself and quell any temptation of raising your voice and storming off; that often backfires. Your Mum wouldn’t want to hurt your feelings if you tackle the situation judiciously.

c) Be Completely Honest

Don’t try to play any games or be vague in telling them about your sex life. that may raise unnecessary speculations or concerns in their minds. You’re a grownup and parents expect unabashed honesty of you. The world has evolved a lot in the last couple of decades pertaining to sex toy use.  

So, put on a brave face and speak up for your romantic partner. Being 100% honest with your parents is the best route for you to win their approval.

It is up to you how much detail you want to go into about your sex life or why you want a sex doll, but you should at least tell them a few things about your sex doll and how she is better than real women – especially for the time being.  

Knowing that your partner is not much different from real women out there and what’s more, she makes you happy, your mother will be relieved and at peace with your decision. Gauging by how comfortable she is when you tell her about your sex doll, you can decide whether or not you should delve into further details.

d) Expect the Unexpected

That’s the reality you need to be prepared for beforehand. A life-sized sex doll isn’t a tiny toy that you can just hide or palm off forever. Sooner or later, you need to tell your parents or they may find it out themselves.

You need to acknowledge the awkwardness of the situation in advance and all you need to do is, as explained earlier, be honest and don’t lose your cool.

Regardless of how your parents give the initial reaction, you need to stay calm as a cucumber and try to be straightforward in the politest words. You may say: “Hey Mom or dad, I was about to come to you and explain this myself. Let me tell you the qualities of my new life partner … or I can talk with you-er … whenever you feel comfortable.”  

Final Remarks

This guide offers the simplest process of receiving approval from your parents for you owning a sex doll. It all boils down to what your parents think of sex dolls or how they perceive you having an intimate relationship with a Silicone or TPE doll. Your strategy will depend on their opinion or reaction to the news that you might buy a sex doll in the near-future. It would also eliminate the element of surprise or awkwardness for good and you can have a healthy and satisfying life with your partner.  

Also, we discussed what should you do to tackle the situation if your parents found about your sex doll unexpectedly.