Sex Doll Selection Guide

Sex Doll Selection Guide | Sex Dolls Fairyland

Before reading this post, we believe that you have a certain understanding of the material, weight, body details, etc. of the doll you want. And you are eager to buy the sex doll of your dream. So many sex dolls online to choose from and it’s just not that easy to pick the perfect one that suits your liking. There are a few things you should consider:

Silicone or TPE Sex Dolls?

The biggest question when it comes to sex dolls. Which one is better, Silicone or TPE? And which one would suit your needs best? Here at Sex Dolls Fairyland, we prefer TPE for its equal quality but better value. That’s why most of our dolls in the store are made of TPE.

Doll’s Appearance

Appearance is for sure important for most men. Now it's your chance and you got the power! (wink wink) so be sure to choose a face and a body type you like.

That’s not the actual problem. However, the truth is, that a lot of sex dolls sold on the internet are presented with borrowed pictures of Japanese sex dolls or dolls from other online stores. Especially if the store isn't an official reseller. is an official reseller so you can sit back and relax while browsing our top quality dolls. On the other hand, if you still want to browse further, be sure to ask the store to send a photo or even a video to make sure you actually get the doll you have already spent so much time picking.

Artificial Intelligence Dolls / Sex Robots or not?

Artificial intelligence dolls (AI dolls) also called sex robots, have amazing features. Through deep-learning technology, they can get to know you and even create good conversation. Plus, they have touch sensors on their erogenous zones that trigger moaning and dirty talk when touched. If you feel like getting a bit techy and naughty at the same time, go for it. Check out Harmony from Realbotix for a better understanding of sex robots.

However, we still think there is a lot more to improve when it comes to sex robots. Thus for now we would personally go with a Supreme Sex Doll for now. That's why until this day we are still not selling AI Dolls.

Wait till the sex robots are completely and perfectly functional. Once it gets to that point, we are sure it will get much more popular and the prices will drop dramatically. Then, we shall enjoy the AI companion at the prices that we have been enjoying the regular sex dolls nowadays.

Handling and Shipping

Ordering from some stores online sometimes it will take months for your sex dolls to arrive. Thus before you order, make sure to find out if they send the dolls from their warehouses somewhere in your region/country or if the dolls are shipped straight from China.

Since most dolls just like everything else is manufactured in China it is not bad if it is shipped from China. However talk to the store and make sure how long exactly it will be until the dolls are shipped, and how long exactly the shipping time is. So you know how long to expect before you actually get your sex doll. Shipping from china can be everything from a few days until a few months.

At we send out 90 % of the dolls straight from our warehouses either in Europe, Russia, or the US. For the remaining 10 %, there are still some collections where the production starts after the order is received. The production cycle is generally maintained for about one week and sometimes longer depending on the process and how many other orders we are handling at the time. TPE dolls usually take twice as short in production because of the different molding processes, and its basically ready to be packaged after it is removed from the mold. Just cleaned, powdered and then off to the lucky new owner. 

For the finished dolls that are sent straight from our warehouses, we take 2-7 days to process before we ship out the dolls. Then our express shipping takes 2-7 days. For more info about warehouse locations, processes, and shipping time, check out our Stress free delivery policy.