Top 4 Questions about Lifelike Sex Doll

Top 4 Questions about Lifelike Sex Doll | Sex Dolls Fairyland

During the past few years of operating our Sex Dolls Fairyland store, we have been answering a lot of questions and guiding our customers through the process of purchasing the doll of their dreams.

In this blog post we have picked out the 4 most asked questions by our customers. We know shopping for sex dolls is not like shopping for any other thing, especially if this is the first time you're looking for a perfect doll. No worries, we’re here to help!

♀️ Is a silicone/TPE sex doll a sex toy or a humanoid companion?

First of all, we define a silicone doll as a sex doll. And it's a kind of sex toy with the most amazing feature, the ability to provide sexual services with high realism. A few of our male team members here couldn't insist enough on how realistic our dolls can be (wink wink)

♀️ Is there any difference between having a silicone doll and having other sex toys?

In the past, inflatable dolls were popular, even to the extent that they became a part of pop culture displayed in movies. With the revolution of technology and the evolution of materials, there are now lifelike silicone dolls. And they are ready to take over the mainstream.

Silicone dolls have a personal form, which is actually a derivative of sex toys. As users continue to increase their needs, they are becoming more and more aware of what they want and can better take care of their own desires. There are also many different types of sex dolls on the market these days. The dolls offers are the latest and most developed silicone/TPE sex dolls.

♀️ Can a silicone sex doll replace a real person with emotion?

A sex doll can't replace a real person, but it can achieve part of the emotional satisfaction, repair the pain, repair the loss, and satisfy part of the psychological desire. There is usually a provided feedback between the true emotions of people, that is, I have emotions for you, and you have emotions for me. The doll doesn’t provide any feedback on emotions, or the feedback of this emotion is only imagined by the user. 

The true kind of emotions will have an impact on people. The things that are imagined will of course give people a sense of pleasure, which also provides an impact. It creates a safe area for people to relax and have fun. But that is always just a world of its own, not real feedback from the outside world.

The closest thing to a human that the sex doll industry has to offer is sex dolls with artificial intelligence or sex robot, shortly. also offers you this type of dolls upon request as our partner suppliers also manufacture sex robots. Though, our honest opinion is that sex robots don’t have the perfect system that actually does so much more than the regular doll version just yet. The price on the other hand is way higher. So in our opinion, at the moment it is not worth purchasing a sex robot.

♀️ Does the presence of lifelike sex dolls affect intimacy in reality?

A silicone/TPE sex doll is more of an alternative to real life. If a person is frustrated in real life and disappointed with the real world, it is difficult to establish a good realistic relationship in the real world. On the contrary, our sex dolls can satisfy this part of the fantasy in the virtual world.