The Future of Sex Dolls

The Future of Sex Dolls | Sex Dolls Fairyland

Sex dolls have been around for decades. Remember the classic inflatable dolls from the 1980s and 1990s? They didn’t look very realistic, but they sure gave men a lot of pleasure. However, over the years, sex dolls have been made to look and feel more realistic. It’s gotten to the point where some men have chosen to form relationships with sex dolls over finding a real-life partner. That is how realistic they’ve become.

The only thing that has been missing from sex dolls is artificial intelligence. The ability of a sex doll to move and perform various sexual acts has been a fantasy of so many men. Well now, it seems like the future of sex dolls is going to include this kind of artificial intelligence. These technologically advanced sex dolls are already being made in China, and the results are fantastic.

Sex dolls with artificial intelligence are referred to as “sex robots.” Most of them are female sex dolls made for men to enjoy, but there are some male sex dolls made for women as well. The realism of the latest sex dolls is uncanny. They can give blow jobs, produce body heat, and have a conversation with you. It is no wonder why so many men want an artificial partner.

The artificial intelligence in sex robots has a quick adoption rate. You can calibrate your sex robots to move and act in any manner that you’d like. If you want a specific kind of personality in your sex robot, then simply choose a data set to accommodate that personality. You can have a polite doll or naughty doll. The choice is yours.

Sensory Technology

Do you know how every system of your car has a separate sensor built into it? These sensors communicate with a central computer in order to control the operation of the vehicle. Well, something similar is happening with sex robots. Manufacturers are creating sex robots that have sensors integrated into their breasts, face, vagina, and hands.

Imagine kissing your sex robot on the lips and having it respond back to you. The sensors built into the sex robots give them a sense of touch. If you hold their hand, hug their shoulders, fondle their breasts or penetrate their vagina, the sex robots will respond to these actions in real-time. Their response will be that of pleasure and excitement, of course.

When you’re done having sex with the doll, you can lie in bed together and have a conversation with it. The latest sex robots are programmed to hold conversations about a wide range of topics, such as sex and science. It’ll feel like you’re actually living with a sexy woman who is intelligent and loves holding conversations with you.

Mobile App Controls

It seems like everything is controlled with a mobile app these days. The rise of smart technology has spread to our cars and homes. We can use our mobile app to control thermostats, lights, door locks, alarms, surveillance cameras, and the list goes on. Naturally, the advancements of sex doll technology are incorporating mobile app controls as well.

After all, sex robots are basically “smart sex dolls.” They have the intelligence to talk to you and feel your touch. Now they have the ability to be controlled by a mobile app too. Advanced sex robots have several different modes that you can set for their personality.

For instance, if you want your sex robot to have a sexy and provocative personality, then you can set it to a sexy mode. But if you want your sex robot to have a family-style personality, then you can set it to family mode with your app.

The family mode is where the robot has normal conversations with you about life and other general topics. You’ll be able to use the mobile app to switch the personalities back and forth.


Many consumers are interested in robotic sex dolls. Unfortunately, the cost of these dolls is well over $10,000. That is more money than what most consumers are willing to spend. In fact, they don’t even want to spend $5,000 on a “Real Doll” that does not have any robotic technology. Cost is still one of the biggest driving factors in whether a man purchases a sex doll.

If you’re a man like this, then you’re in luck. Sex doll manufacturers are creating more affordable sex dolls that still feel and look realistic. The only downside is they don’t have the robotic technology. But with price tags of under $2,000, most men would be willing to forfeit the robotics in exchange for a comfortable love doll to hold against their body at night.

The reason sex dolls cost a lot of money in the first place is that each one is manually created. Besides that, the material of the skin is made to be ultra-realistic. Sex doll manufacturers have traditionally used silicon to make the skin. Silicon happens to be a very expensive material to produce for these dolls. That is a big reason why sex dolls cost thousands of dollars.

To get around this hurdle, the affordable sex dolls have thermoplastic elastomers for the skin instead of silicon. Not only do thermoplastic elastomers feel like real skin, but they’re much cheaper to produce as well. This allows manufacturers to reduce the cost of the sex dolls for the end consumer.

30-Year Project

Where do you think sex doll technology will be in 30 years? Do you think there will be sex dolls that walk around and talk to people? Perhaps they will look even more realistic and be able to do everything that a person can do.

Some critics believe that by the year 2050, men will interact more with sex robots than with human women. This might sound a little far-fetched, but is it really? If a man can have a beautiful sex robot that is loyal, faithful and does whatever they want, then why wouldn’t they want one? It is much cheaper than getting married anyway.

The year 2020 will give rise to the evolution of sex robots in the sex doll industry. We will see that technology progress rather quickly over the course of the decade.