How To Use Sex Doll For Oral Sex?

How To Use Sex Doll For Oral Sex? | Sex Dolls Fairyland


Sex doll oral sex is the closest thing to experience to real fellatio. You can’t deny the importance of fellatio in an intimate relationship. Continue reading if you want to know how to use a sex doll to have oral sex:

How Should You Use Your Sex Doll To Have The Best Oral Sex?

Everyone knows why oral sex is so important. When having oral sex with a sex doll, you can get the same real feeling of intimacy as within real life. Especially, a doll is handpicked by you, she is your fantasy and dressed up the way you want her to be. The pleasure is endless with her.

A sex doll does not spit, quit, or stop to catch her breath. Dolls made with TPE feel just like the real skin of a woman, thus enhancing your blowjob.

Lube Is Key

The very first thing you need to know before you engage in oral sex is to use lube. Dolls require lube because they don’t have saliva. Apply the right amount of lube in her whole mouth just to make it slippery and not too moist. And from there you can decide on a position.

Natural Positions

You can choose your favorite position and then go from there. You can have her kneel in front of you or have her sit on the bed or the couch. You can even make your doll look directly in your eyes and this will make the experience truly intimate and this way you can also decide the pace by controlling her head’s movements.

Another popular position that you can try is by placing her face on the bed or the couch and then penetrating her mouth while she is on the bed looking directly into your eyes.

Both these positions work great and offer a good sensation because of the TPE skin. TPE is designed to offer the feeling of a real woman’s mouth.

Weight And Pressure

It is important to control the weight and pressure. You can do this by placing your hands on her hips to make it feel natural as if a petite girl is doing it for you.

Be careful, or you might end up damaging your doll and this can dull the sensation when you have oral sex with her normally.

Hold Onto Her Hair

Last but not the least, to use your doll the best way for oral sex and enhance your experience, hold onto her hair when she is going balls-deep on your penis.

This will deliver you the sensation of deep throating and will be more than enough to push you over the edge.

Now, that you know how to use an oral sex doll for oral sex, what are you waiting for? Just don’t forget to clean your sex doll after blowjob if you want her to deliver the best sucking experience every time. After cuming on her, just wash her with lukewarm water, and store her properly for another session later in the day.

Benefits Of Having Oral Sex With Sex Dolls

You can enjoy the following perks when you choose a sex doll to be your blowjob companion:

  • When you engage in oral sex with your sex doll you can see her vulva behind the throat and her tongue that can move and feels very elastic and soft. This, in itself, is a very exciting and realistic feeling that makes the overall experience very close to what it is to get a blowjob from a human.
  • Another amazing perk, and potentially the best, is that with a sex doll you do not have to hesitate before cuming in her mouth. In fact, you can always cum in a sex doll’s mouth. You can take seconds to do so or even take hours and she will not complain to you. It all depends on your choice. Whether you insist on giving your sex doll a facial or just vomiting it all in her mouth, you will not hear any emotional blackmail from her.   
  • You can always customize your oral sex doll however you want. You can add a tongue to your doll, or remove its teeth when having oral sex, or you can get an open-mouthed sex doll or a closed eye one. The choices are endless and the sky is the limit. You do not have to take them as they are and then stick to whatever you get. Get creative.
  • With an oral sex doll, you will have to use a lubricant but you will never have to stress about if a doll has a gag reflex or if her neck is too stiff and rigid, or how she will respond when you finish.