A User’s Guide to Sex with a Sex doll

A User’s Guide to Sex with a Sex doll | Sex Dolls Fairyland

If you have finally made the best investment of your life and a sex doll is now your partner, you must be a little concerned about “How to have sex with a sex doll?” You should know how to properly use it in the most satisfying way that can make an impact in your life. In this article, we wanted to help you out and address some of the questions that you might have in your mind, so you can make the best out of your investment. If so, let’s dive right into it.

  • Fruitful Preparations

Here are some prep-steps that make it easier for you to have more intense sexual pleasure with better experience. Read thoroughly for a great time with your sex doll.

  • Use Lubricants

Although sex dolls are made of TPE or Silicone that are soft and fleshy materials, still there is friction when rubbed against your body just like a normal human being. While a woman might have natural lubrication in her vagina, your doll does not. It is highly recommended to use a good lubricant that is free of chemicals and oils. Use a water-based lubricant that is safe for you as well as your doll’s skin at all measures. Try to avoid oil-based, petroleum based, and silicone based lubricants that can damage the skin.

The use of a good lubricant can reduce stress and make the process of sex very comforting. It also helps to extend the life of a sex doll. Try to find and use water-based lubricants because it reduces the chances of chemical reaction with the skin of the doll and avoids staining dolls.

  • Use Condoms

Sex with a sex doll is a realistic experience that requires the same effort and energy as a human partner. While a human partner may take care of itself, a sex doll is dependent on you. You might have to wash it properly and clean it every time you have sex with her. The use of condoms can make it easier for you to clean and maintain your doll as it does not come in contact with your body fluids. You can easily discard the condom containing fluids after sex that ultimately reduces the effort of washing your sex doll every time you have sex with her. Condoms can simply reduce the hassle of cleaning.

Apart from that condoms also have their lubrication, which facilitates the process of intercourse. The lubricated surface of a condom reduces the friction that is normally resulted due to rubbing. This can greatly enhance the pleasure and facilitate you to have sex.

  • Use Perfumes

Perfumes have a very pleasant effect on our mood and feelings that can make us feel attracted to someone. Perfumes simply play a major role in developing a healthy sexual experience and promote healthy interaction. It makes us feel comfortable with our partner and increases the feeling of wellness.

Sex with a sex doll is no less than sex with a human partner in many ways and that’s why it requires you to take some measures that make it even more pleasant for you. The use of a good perfume before and after sex can make you feel relaxed, satisfied and blessed. It can intensify the process of sex with even higher feelings of love and affection.

Note: Because some perfumes contain alcohol, which can affect the skin condition of sex dolls, it is recommended that you spray perfume on the clothes of sex dolls.

  • Vaginal Irrigator

Use a vaginal irrigator to properly clean the vaginal area of the doll before sex. A vaginal irrigator can effectively facilitate the fluid to go deep into the vagina. You can simply load vaginal irrigator with an anti-bacterial fluid to clean your doll and stop the growth of bacteria inside.

  • Procedure to make Love

Think of the steps that we follow for a normal sex routine. Not a single step is missing here, in fact, you can do it with even higher freedom. It starts with a thought that comes into your mind and slowly you start feeling horny. But then you realize there is no one to come sleep with you and here is your doll waiting for you in your bedroom. Yes, you are going to rush there and pick up the fancy beautiful doll for adventures of pleasure.

Set the environment that makes you more comfortable and you believe it’s more enjoyable than any other routine environment. Make yourself comfortable in that particular situation and start making love.

Like a normal human interaction, you can start with a gentle kiss that leads you to further steps down the line. Your doll is all set to let you enjoy her body with enough zeal.

If you are done with oral sex or kisses are no longer giving you the intense pleasure that you have always wanted, we would like you to start by applying the lube to your Penis and her vagina. It reduces unnecessary resistance and makes the necessary friction more satisfying and pleasurable.

Because your doll is flexible, it will easily bend in all possible positions and you can adjust them in any position that you like because there is no limit to your imaginations and nobody can stop you now.

We all know, what it takes to fuck a woman and we are naturally inclined to do it in a particular fashion but there is no hard and fast rule. Position her firmly, open her feet wide and start having sex with your doll. You can easily locate the vaginal and anal pores by opening up her feet wide.

Don’t just fuck her in any hurry. Start making love and have sex with a sex doll by enjoying yourself and take deep breathes. Grab her body, kiss her lips and press her against the wall. You are the master of this beautiful chic.

  • Start making Love

You might be horny and getting impatient to have sex with sex doll, but we recommend you to take a deep breath and start making gentle love to your doll. Your doll is designed with great care to make her visually appealing which gives you a feeling that a beautiful love bird is your partner.

You should feel and enjoy the beauty of her body with a touch of love. When you make this move and start making love, this turns into a romantic scene that satisfies your soul and makes you feel blessed. It also triggers your hormones with a steady flow that gives your nerves enough time to arouse you. This is a feeling and we want you to feel it.

  • Oral Sex with your Doll

One of the primary goals of designers is to make the doll realistic and soft that feels real when your start making love with her. Oral sex involves sucking, licking or kissing to stimulate someone or get aroused yourself. That’s why oral sex is an integral part of the journey. You must kiss the doll to feel her. You can feel the softness with your lips by kissing your doll and feel the magical taste.

Oral sex with a sex doll is quite exciting but practically feasible only for dolls that are above 140cm in height because they have a soft fleshy tongue. If you are fond of oral sex, you can perfectly enjoy every position with your sex doll. It depends on your imaginations, but a sex doll with a tongue is capable enough to give you a blow job.

  • Positions for Oral Sex

There is no limit to your imaginations and you can use your doll in any desired position for oral sex doll, but choosing the right position that makes your comfortable will definitely make it easier for you to enjoy oral sex with your sex doll.

Make sure your dick is in perfect position while she is on her knees in front of you. A sex doll cannot move her head, you would have to manually move her head back and forth.

Or you can lie on your back with your feet wide open and bend her head while she is in front of you. Simply put your dick inside her mouth and move her head back and forth.

On the other hand, if you are fond of 69 position, you really have a choice to adjust yourself and do it in your own way. Love her, fuck her, and enjoy her!

  • Vaginal Sex with your Doll

Each doll has a range of vaginal depth and you can customize it for yourself at the time of purchase to make sure it has enough room for your size.

Because these dolls are made of either TPE or Silicone, you can simply feel their fleshy touch. They feel as real as a human partner that ensures you have enough pleasure. You can position your doll in any desired orientation and have sex with her because they can adopt any position that you may prefer because of their flexibility.

If you are curious about orgasm and want to know whether it’s okay to finish right inside your doll, the answer is yes! Your doll is perfectly capable to sustain your semen but make sure you wash your doll properly afterward. As discussed earlier, a condom can make it even easier for you. In case, you are using a lubricant, make sure it is water soluble and the use of a few drops of warm water will reactivate the lubricant.

Keep in mind, there are two types of dolls – One with a fixed vagina and the other with a removable vagina.  In case of doll with removable vagina, you can simply unplug the vagina after sex and wash it. This makes it easier for you to clean your doll. You can order one that matches your interests.

  • Anal Sex with your Doll

Anal sex is sometimes an intense fantasy for some people but some of it might find it hard to exercise. In the case of females, they might be a little hesitant when they are asked for anal sex.

If you have any fantasy regarding anal sex with your sex doll, you have a choice now. Sex dolls are the perfect candidates for anal sex because they can let you enjoy the right anal pore with a good level of elasticity and tightness. This enables you to feel confident and have sex with peace of mind.

If you are fond of anal sex and have made up your mind, the use of lubrications will make it easier for you to penetrate the anal pore of the doll. This reduces the unnecessary friction and make the process even more fascinating.

  • Matters Needing Attention

These precautionary measures or suggestions are going to make a big difference in the way you use your dolls. They ensure your dolls last longer and you live happier healthier life with them.

  • Make love in a gentle way

Love is a gentle feeling and sex is sometimes very rough. You might be horny and you have every right to feel horny with some intense feeling to have sex but make the process of sex smooth and gentle as it helps reduce all the anxiety, improves hormonal coordination as well as helps you protect your doll from scratches. Never use your doll violently by scratching or biting her during the intense moments of sex because it can damage the skin of your doll.

If you want your sex doll to last longer, be gentle to her. Never use it roughly and avoid exposing it to high levels of heat.

A TPE sex doll is usually more porous in comparison to other sex dolls. Make sure you apply the lubricants and other liquids gently.

  • Ways of arousal

Arousal is not a problem as long as you are healthy, but to enhance the process you may watch some porn and follow along with it. Since porn is cinematic, it makes the process interesting. You can watch porn and start doing the same with your favorite doll. This makes your journey with the sex doll more fascinating and fulfilling because porn can give you many ideas and keep you motivated for a healthy sexual drive.  

  • Sex Positions for a deeper satisfaction

Sex dolls might have an internal skeleton and they can adapt to any position that you want. This is highly recommended to use the doll in your desired position because it can bring higher levels of satisfaction. They can simply bend in any human direction that we want them to and that’s why they can follow all your instructions as long as you can help out with your hands. Below are some of the most popular sex doll positions for your information that might help you with your sex life.

  • Your Favorite Doggy Style

One of the most popular sex doll positions is the doggy style that is easy to achieve and probably the most exercised sex position in the world. Simply bend her on her knees and hips and she will fit into that position. Now you can put her on the bed and start having fun. Place your hands on her waist, muscles, and hips but never rely on the pressure on them.

  •  Your Missionary Position

This is a wonderful one and we are sure you like it. It’s simple but one of the most fascinating positions ever. We recommend you properly adjust her in the bed and open her feet. You can reduce the curve of her legs to make it easier for you to handle her but when she is laying on the bed and you open her feet wide, you have found the perfect spot in the right position.

  • Push her against the wall

Everybody fantasizes about this position at some point in time and that’s why you should consider it for your lustful journey. The art of pressing your partner against the wall and putting it inside her while standing next to her, should satisfy you with a rich sexual experience. Everybody wants to do it and that’s why dolls are perfectly capable of this wonderful position. You can easily get them into this position and enjoy your loveliest fantasies coming to life.

You can easily balance your doll by holding her in the waist and open up her arms so she can easily adjust. Place her hands on the wall, if you want her to face the wall and protrude her buttocks out for your ease. There is yet another possibility of picking her in your arms with her back on the wall and push her up and down when you place it right inside her. That’s when the lust springs out.

Several sex positions might come into your mind and there is no limit to your imaginations. Your doll is capable of adapting all the possible human positions with enough flexibility. If you would like to do it in a different way, or your fantasies are wild than what we suspect, we recommend you properly handle the doll and don’t be very harsh on her.

  • Conclusion

 Now you must have a good understanding of what it takes to have sex with your love doll as well as how you can do it in a better way. You are free to live a life with your partner doll with enough fulfillment and satisfaction. There is no one to judge you, not even your partner doll. She is down for whatever you want from her. You just have to make sure, you read all the guidelines for using the sex doll most appropriately and follow them properly. If you want your sex doll to last longer and do not deform easily, use it with great care and avoid biting her with any extra pressure that is out of human capacity. Enjoy your evenings by making them more romantic and lovely. Don’t just have sex, start living a life of ease with her. This is a way to keep yourself mentally as well as sexually satisfied. You will not have to plunge into the harshness of real world and won’t need toxic relations anymore. Enjoy!