A Growing Trend – Sex Doll Brothels

A Growing Trend – Sex Doll Brothels | Sex Dolls Fairyland

The most recent addition to “the oldest profession with a twist,” are sex doll brothels that are becoming a growing trend throughout mostly Europe, but other countries are not as opposed to this phenomenon as you may think.

Sex doll brothels are exactly what the name tells you they are: a place (usually a motel) where you can go and pay a certain amount of money to spend some time with a modern sex doll.

Since modern sex dolls’ sophistication has become so incredibly popular, having sex doll brothels shouldn’t come as a surprise.

Instead, it was only a matter of time when someone was balsy enough to go down this path of modern money-making.

Therefore, since the interest in sex doll brothels is increasing, our prediction is that there will be many more in the coming years.

So, in this article, we are going to discuss the growing trend of sex doll brothels.

We will touch upon how many sex doll brothels exist, how they operate, whether they are safe or not, and the advantages and disadvantages of visiting a sex doll brothel.

Let’s jump right in.

How Many Sex Doll Brothels Exist?

Sex doll brothels are popping up around the world all the time, and it’s no secret that many big cities already have one if not more fully operating sex doll brothels where you can pay up to romp with a modern, silicone beauty.

As of 2020, legal sex doll brothels exist in Vancouver and Toronto, London, Barcelona, Moscow, Helsinki, Paris, Aarhus, Denmark, Vienna, Dortmund, Germany, and Nagoya, Japan.

There was also a sex doll brothel in Turin, Italy, which is safe to say contributed to the sex doll brothels in Europe takeoff; however, this establishment was sadly shut down by the police less than two weeks after it opened back in 2018.

Lumidolls’ bordello in Turin was closed after alleged infringements of property law, Italian media reported.

Therefore, if you live in Italy and want to visit a sex doll brothel, you may want to make some travel arrangements to either Vienna or Barcelona.

What You Will Find Inside a Sex Doll Brothel?

Sex doll brothels are establishments that remind of a modern-day motel or a smaller hotel.

Inside, you will find a reception where you can go ahead and pay before your session, and you will also possibly find a lobby where you can have a seat in case you arrived at your appointment earlier.

Once your doll is ready and waiting for you, you will walk down a one-way hallway to the room where your doll will be waiting.

Sex doll brothels take discretion even more seriously due to the stigma around using sex dolls. Therefore, it is not likely that you will ever run into another client because they tend to book people at separate timings to avoid potential awkward encounters.

Every doll that “works” at the sex doll brothel has a usable mouth, vagina, and anus. Besides that, a water-based lubricant is provided, as are condoms, which are encouraged as a safety precaution.

Additionally, you will most probably be able to make use of a TV and provided porn material to help you get in the mood, and you can also make use of the bathroom with a shower available.

Sex doll brothels usually use intercoms or alarms to give you a warning that your time is about to finish up since the “worker” cannot do it herself.

If you go over time, you will likely have to pay for another half an hour or an hour, depending on the brothel’s policy.

What Is The Cost Of Visiting Sex Doll Brothels?

Spending some quality fun time with a modern silicone beauty can cost you anywhere from $100 to $150+ per hour, entirely depending on the area the brothel is situated in.

This is a reasonable price because, as it turns out, owning a sex doll brothel can be quite an expensive business to run and maintain.

Doll ownership runs from about $2,000 to $10,000 per unit, depending on the manufacturer. Besides that, it’s definitely not the same to have a sex doll all for yourself and to share her with potentially hundreds of other people.

If you were to own a sex doll and use have her for yourself only, she could last you for years without budging.

But when many people are constantly using her, this can cause her to become worn out and in need of maintenance and other changes sooner than that.

Sex doll brothels tend to change their dolls’ orifices sooner than any person who owns one would. Besides that, there are the cleaning supplies, the staff working in the brothel, the rent, utilities, maintenance, etc.

It’s definitely worth it at the end of the day, but like all businesses, owning a sex doll brothel doesn’t come without its own challenges.

Are Sex Doll Brothels Safe?

Sex doll brothels take great precautions to create a safe and secure environment for their clients to enjoy and spend their time in.

Cleanliness is especially taken seriously due to the concern of potential sexually transmitted diseases and infections.

After every client, a staff member in charge of cleaning up takes the doll and places her underneath a shower to be washed with soap and warm water.

All of her orifices are then blasted with a pressure cleaner filled with a special disinfectant to kill off bacteria and germs.

After that’s done, the doll is then penetrated with a UVC, germ-killing lamp to make sure it’s safe for being used by the next client.

And lastly, once she’s nice and clean, the doll is taken back into the room to be dressed, have her hair done, and have any makeup touch-ups that might be needed before the next customer can enjoy their time with her.

Advantages Of Visiting a Sex Doll Brothel

Sex doll brothels have the huge advantage of being legal in many countries where human prostitution is not.

This could arguably be a problem for some sex workers that are operating illegally; however, it is important to always respect and abide by the law in the country you are staying in.

At least, having the legal option to pay for sex is an alternative some men would like to take, and there’s nothing wrong with that.

Besides that, of the biggest advantages of sex doll brothels is to open up potential sexual opportunities for people who might be too repressed, socially awkward, or have other physical or mental impairments to seek out sexual experiences.

“People who have a deficit in social skills are disproportionately drawn to unusual forms of sexual expression,” says Justin Lehmiller, a Ph.D. researcher in social and sexual psychology at the Kinsey Institute.

“And it seems to be the case that when people have difficulty establishing the types of sexual relationships that they want with other people, many of them seek out alternative forms of sexual fulfillment that don’t necessarily involve other people.” – he continues.

On the other hand, others visit sex doll brothels as an alternative for being in an unsatisfying monogamous relationship, for example.

This can be anything from a marriage that lacks sex and intimacy down to a disabled partner that cannot fulfill their role inside the bedroom.

Some married men still want to experience sexual gratification and sexual fulfillment without violating the vow that they made to their partner when they were getting married.

And lastly, sex doll brothels also appeal to people that want to experiment with something they’ve never tried before and are attracted by the lure of a completely new experience.

As human beings, we are often aroused by something new and unexplored, and we are always seeking out new and exciting ways of fulfilling our sexual desires.

Sex doll brothels could also potentially serve as a viable option or a getaway for people with non-normative sexual preferences such as having a taste for violent or non-consensual sex who don’t wish to harm a living person but would have a chance to live out their fantasy with a doll that isn’t capable of feeling physical or emotional pain and harm.

While some people may find this utterly unacceptable due to its depraved nature, it would be unfair to characterize all of these people as misogynists eager to enact their twisted rape fantasies on unsuspecting pieces of silicone, just as it is unfair to characterize everyone who buys sex (an estimated 14% of American men) as brutal and exploitative.

Are There Issues With Sex Brothels?

It is safe to say that sex doll brothels could hurt legal brothels where the sex workers are real women, especially in rural areas.

This is why many sex workers’ primary objection to sex doll brothels isn’t moral or philosophical but economical.

A sex worker at the legal brothel Sheri’s Ranch in Nevada is outraged that, unlike legal brothels, which cannot openly advertise for fear of violating solicitation laws, sex doll brothels would be able to advertise on billboards openly.

Alissa also believes that sex doll brothels would pose a serious safety threat.

Her concerns stem from the fact that we already mentioned above regarding men enacting their deprived violent fantasies on a sex doll that doesn’t need consent.

Alissa is worried that men who regularly visit sex doll brothels and decide to visit a real brothel for a change – won’t respect sex workers as living beings due to potential sensitization from using sex dolls over a period of time.

She says this could potentially lead to violence due to clients being used to the lack of limitations they enjoy with sex dolls.

Besides that, sex workers operating in legal brothels are often in charge of everything, and they pay a huge percentage to the owners for renting the place.

Sex workers sometimes have to pay up to 50% of their earnings for renting the room, and they also have to provide everything inside the room, including drinks, snacks, condoms, lube, hygiene items, sex toys, etc.

Sex workers also have to invest in themselves and look presentable, desirable, clean and have their makeup, hair, and nails done, which are all services that cost money.

This is a huge reason why seeing a real woman costs much more than renting a doll for an hour or two.

This is why many people that can’t afford to pay for a real sex worker opt for renting a doll, which can, over time,  negatively affects the earnings of sex workers.

Besides that, prostitution is illegal in most countries in the world, which makes many clients paying for sex concerned about their safety and legal issues.

This is another reason why a legal sex doll brothel could potentially have a detrimental effect on real sex workers’ earnings because chances are clients will be opting for a legal way of receiving sexual gratification and fulfilling their fantasies.