There are a variety of sex toys available on the market today designed to satisfy us sexually. From a masturbator, all the way up to a realistic, full-sized sex doll, which have caught the attention of many adults over the last few years. They provide a genuine experience because of the way they are now made. Before you are able to successfully interact with a sex doll, you should gain a thorough knowledge about them. Here are 10 tips that will maximize your pleasure with a sex doll and expand your knowledge of them.

Maintain It’s Warmth Before Using

Imagine your disappointment when having sexual intercourse with a cold sex doll? Not good. With all of the technology that is behind each doll, failing to keep it warm is a big mistake. You can cover it with a blanket or comforter for about 15 to 20 minutes. You can also use a hand-held hair dryer to elevate temperature gently on a low setting. There are also “warming lotions” available that are water-based and even edible! When the doll is slightly warmed it will then really be ready for you to enjoy.

Positioning The Sex Doll

All sex dolls can be positioned in any way just like a human, but keep in mind that excessive pressure could be harmful to your doll’s joints. Their ‘skeletons’ or frames are not as strong as humans, so make sure to keep your body weight off the doll during any repositioning and try to select a position that will minimize stresses on the doll. Remember that sex dolls have oral, vaginal and anal cavities, so to maximize your experience, consider the best position for each type of penetration.

Usage of Lubricants

Lubricants are designed to enhance sexual pleasure between human couples and many others are curious to know which type can be safely used with sex dolls. Oil-based lubricants should be avoided, as they can damage the material your sex doll is made from. Try using water-based lubricants instead, such as KY Jelly, which provides maximum comfort when engaging in sexual intercourse. Keep in mind, it should be applied to any cavity you plan to penetrate. Always use warm water to “re-activate” lubricants rather than reapplying more, that makes things too messy!

Perfume and Cologne

Frequently before having sex, couples or partners use perfume to add additional charm to the moment. This would also be a good idea when using sex dolls. A perfume that you especially enjoy will help you to relax your mind and helps trigger an intense sexual experience, but make sure it is only applied to your doll’s clothing or undergarments, since most cologne and perfume contain alcohol, which is not good for silicon or TPE materials.

Relaxation and Visualization

A little planning will make your experience something to remember! Leave all your worries and distractions outside your room or wherever you want to interact with your doll. Do not rush. Take the time to make this a special occasion. Visualization is the “eye of the mind”. Look at, and approach your doll, like you would a real partner. The doll you’ve selected was for a special reason for you… incorporate these qualities into your fantasy and foreplay for a much better, and longer lasting encounter. You won’t be sorry!

Shower or Bath Sex

Many people enjoy sexual intercourse with their partner in the shower or bath tub. If you are one of them, it’s your lucky day! Sex dolls love fresh water! Just keep in mind that extreme temperatures and salt water can damage the silicon or TPE materials. Shower or bath water temperature should never exceed 40 degrees Celsius or 104 degrees Fahrenheit. As stated before, make sure all bath and shower products are water-based only. Have fun!

Maintenance isn’t ‘Sexy’, but Required

Taking care of many things isn’t fun, but you just had yours (fun), so take a few minutes to clean things up… you’ll appreciate it the next time you want to be ‘with’ your sex doll! Clean your doll with warm soapy water, clear rinse and a soft cloth to pat dry it. This will ensure your doll lasts as long as possible and will keep it as attractive as the day it arrived. Using a condom will minimize the cleanup necessary, as will ‘bath sex’. Again, with a soft cloth or towel, pat your doll dry. Applying a small amount of body power will keep your doll as soft and smooth as a baby’s behind!


In order to assure the long term care of your sex doll, it must be stored properly. Many people keep their doll in the original shipping container or in another suitable sized box. Be sure that sufficient padding surrounds the doll and that it doesn’t stay in one position for extended periods as silicon and TPE may ‘flatten’ after a long period of time. One solution is to move it occasionally. Another is to hang it by means of a ‘storage hook’, that can be screwed into the neck and hung in a closet or other area. Remember to keep in mind extreme temperatures, dampness, etc. which are adverse conditions for sex doll storage.


It is better to store your doll without clothing on. Tight clothes and underwear can ‘dent’ or leave marks on the skin of the doll when left for long periods. Only ‘clean’ clothing should ever be put on a doll and ensures your own protection from infection or other harm when making contact with your sex doll.