What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Realistic Sex Dolls?

What Is The Manufacturing Process Of Realistic Sex Dolls? | Sex Dolls Fairyland

Many people look at realistic sex dolls and then start to wonder how they came to be. I mean, when you look at them, they are flawless, and they come with many functionalities that make them feel, touch and sound like real-life sex partners. The manufacturing process is very sophisticated, and that is why they are able to produce fantastic sex dolls.

Some of the main features/functionalities added during the manufacturing process include eye movement, moans, vagina, body temperature, operable fingers, and pubic hair. Apart from the design and materials used those additional features make the dolls more realistic.

The process of realistic manufacturing of sex dolls involves the following seven steps. However, these steps can vary wildly depending on the manufacturer.

Steps for manufacturing a realistic sex doll


The first step in the manufacturing process of a realistic sex doll is sketching. This step is very important because the rest of the steps use it as a reference. Talented and highly skilled artists carry it out to make sure that all the details are captured well. The ideas are put on paper by artists before any construction takes place. Let us look at the steps


1. Preparing the tools: In this step artists needs to prepare the tools that they will use for drawing a sketch. It can be a digital note on a tablet, iPad, pc or a drawing book. For a digital drawing the artists make sure that the right applications for drawing are ready. They also charge the devices including the stylus. The drawing books and pencils are availed before the actual process begins.

2. Sourcing reference materials: Sex doll ideas can be sourced from movie characters, music artists or general celebrities. A good example of a movie character that has widely bee used is Mystique from X-men. Alternatively the reference materials could be pictures or ideal vivid description from clients.

3. Actual drawing: After getting all the tools and reference materials ready, artist can start drawing.

Sketching helps to give designers a glimpse of what they are about to manufacture. That is the main reason why even big constructions start with an architectural design on paper. Sketching is the foundational base for making a sexy and perfect sex doll. So the artists cannot make any mistakes as the other steps will be affected.

Sometimes the clients might send pictures or references of what they want the sex dolls to like. This makes the work easy for the artists because sketching from pictures is a bit easier. After the artists complete the sketch, it is taken to the next step to produce the mold. But the sketch will not fish its job yet because it will be passed to other stages to act as a reference.  

Modeling the mold

During the production stage, the mold is the step responsible for making beautiful sex dolls. The mold has to be perfect, or otherwise, it will produce something that will end up in the trash. The mold is also responsible for the size, shape, and form that the doll takes. A large mold will be made to produce a large doll while a small mold produce a small doll. The whole point of the mold is to bring out the features in detail.

1. Preparing the materials: Materials such as clay and plasters are used because they are good at producing quality models. Also, these materials are great at reflecting even the slightest details that the designers want to capture. Once the model has been set up, it is divided into several parts to make the manufacturing process simple.

2. Molding: The designers usually design and form sex dolls using shape and mold. They work hard to make sure that the mold is flawless because it puts everything at stake. If it’s done the wrong way, then the entire doll may end up in the trash, and they will be forced to repeat again because we work with highly qualified professionals, which barely occurs in our factory.

3. Specialization: Some manufacturers might separate the legs and arms from the body, while others will make them into a single piece to haste the process. Parts such as the hips, boobs, buttocks, legs, and the shape of the chest are worked on in this step. Also, a lot of creativity and advanced technology is used for a successful outcome. The artists are also highly skilled since every part has to conform to the specs provided by the designer. All the dolls are created to match the requirements and preferences of the customers.

4. Confirmation/inspection:  Apart from matching the correct shape and sizes, the designers make sure that they seamless the doll’s body features. For example, all the parts need to have realistic and perfect proportions.

5. Hardening and lubrication: Soft clay is best for molding but the mold as to be dried so as to produce the best result. The model is given a vast amount of time to allow it to harden effectively before moving to the next phase. Rubber, Vaseline, plastic, and other lubricants are poured to cover the body and the skin.

Skeleton construction

A sex doll skeleton involves the use of stainless steel that represents bones in a real human body. The joints are configured to function just like the human skeleton. You can position these dolls in any sex position that you like because manufacturers give them human-like postures.

The most exciting thing about this phase is the room in which the skeleton manufacturing takes place. It is done in a glass room that looks like a medical room. It’s fascinating how these small parts end up producing a large human skeleton that can work in singularity. Although the outside looks beautiful and sexy, the interior also plays a very big role in ensuring that you are comfortable.

1. Constructing the steel parts: The first step to constructing a skeleton is making the parts. The skeleton is like the heart of the sex doll. This is because it supports every part of the sex doll. Apart from the support, the skeleton also gives the dolls a fine shape and the curves that you admire. Now, this is one of the hardest parts because it involves producing more than a hundred parts for a single doll.

2. Connecting the parts: All the parts are connected to make one whole skeleton. The parts are tightened with a lot of care so as to produce a long lasting skeleton

3. Adding functionalities: Skeleton construction is taken very seriously since it is responsible for functions such as movement or the standing feature. Some of the parts that are shaped during this phase include the

  • Hips
  • Knees
  • Shoulders
  • Elbows

The skeletons are crafted with thicker thighs and chest so that the silicon thickness in them can be appropriate. This, in turn, gives the sex dolls a soft, solid, and realistic touch. You might not see the skeleton when you buy the doll, but you should appreciate the functionalities that it provides. Once the skeletons have been manufactured, they are passed to the next step for binding.

Binding the skeleton

1. Positioning the skeleton on the mold: This involves fitting the skeleton inside the mold. All the parts are placed according to the mold structure. The skeleton fits inaccurately because all the designers work together or use the same measurements for reference. However, before the external parts can be added, the skeleton is bonded together. One of the most crucial things that the sex doll artists concentrate on is the positioning of the skeleton on a mold. Because it can affect the overall outcome of the sex doll. The mold is basically where the doll is placed for binding the skeleton with TPE material.

2. Strapping the skeleton: Slight movement can cause abnormal results and that’s why the skeleton is tightly strapped on the mold. Another crucial thing while binding the skeleton with the TPE material is making sure that the hands and legs come out clearly. This is a point of concern because they have fingers and toes. Luckily enough, the mold is ergonomically designed to hold each finger or toe properly from the steel structure. But some manufacturers might make the hands and legs separately.

Working on the TPE area

1. Mixing the materials: First, the materials are mixed to produce a perfect blend that is soft and firm. After blending the materials, the designers make sure the pigment is mixed well since it will act as the base color of the dolls. Next, they apply the pigment and hang the bodies for refining on the iron frame.

2. Pouring the TPE material: This is where the designers pour the silicone into the mold

3. Cooling: The hot TPE material is allowed to cool for some time

4. Separation: The fully formed doll is separated from the mold after it has cooled down. To make sure that the doll is flawless, the artists get rid of the excess materials and smoothens the setup.

5. Removing excess material:  They use scissors to cut off the extra materials at the seams. As if that is smoothing is not enough, the artists also heat the skin with a rod or a hot spatula. The dolls appear exactly like any other dimensional figure with a thin waist, large chest, and a small face.

One thing that the designers always watch out for is the amount of TPE to apply on the dolls. This is because using too much of it might make the doll become floppy. Conversely, using a smaller amount of TPE than required, turns the doll to appear thin and feel hard. Using the ideal amount of the material will produce a perfect doll.

Now the doll is ready to undergo the final process that involves customization except for the head.

The head

A sex doll head is not placed in the same mold as the rest of the body because it is made up of complex features. However, the manufacturing process of the head is similar to the body except for the type of mold. Once the head has been modeled, make-up artists take over to make the doll match with the original requirements. It is now bonded with the rest of the body. The main aim of the make-up artists is to make sex dolls look more attractive and sexier. Wigs are attached to make the heads look more realistic.

Make up is very important especially when it comes to this step. The manufactures make different kinds of makeup such as lipstick, nail polish, foundation, and lip balm and eye pencil. These products are exclusively made for sex dolls since the do not contain any corrosive elements with the TPE. A make-up remover is used in case of any modifications.

Additional Function

The next important steps is adding functions depending on the client’s specifications. This step is what makes your doll unique because all the features that you desire are installed. For example insertion of the Vagina, pubic hair, installing heating, system and standing function.

  • Vagina insertion

There are basically two types of vaginas that ca be installed in this step. This can be either fixed or insert. In addition, the client also gets to choose the color of the labia. Some of the colors available include Labia, skin tone and brown.

  • Pubic hair

Clients can either choose to add this feature or not. They are given a chance to customize their doll with pubic hair based on densities. That is they can choose to add heavy, medium or light sized hair.

  • Heating system

The heating function is another optional function that the manufactures can add during this customization stage. It helps in providing warmth to the doll hence making it fell more realistic.

  • Standing function

Nothing can beat a doll that comes with a standing function. Because you get to have sex in more additional sex positions as well as enjoy activities such as posing for photos or playing roles.


To ensure that all the hard work done during the manufacturing process does not end in vain, the dolls are transported with a lot of care. They are put in a reliable and secure box. The box contains foam pads for protection against collision that can damage the sex doll. Sometimes extra cushions can be used in the shipping box for maximum protection. The reason for doing all this is to ensure that clients receive their sex dolls in perfect conditions.

Final thoughts

Sex dolls follow a unique manufacturing process that will amaze you. So many people buy dolls and compliment their realistic looks and fine details but do not know how they are made. It is a nice experience to witness firsthand in the factory. Maybe you should plan and visit one day. The sex dolls are designed to look, feel, and touch like a real woman. For example, they can feature a big ass, thin body, big breasts, long legs, thin waist, and wide legs. Besides, the dolls can be customized to have sexy curves or look like certain anime or movie characters. They can also be manufactured to look like people from different ethnicities and backgrounds.