What Else Can You Do Besides Having Sex With Sex Dolls In Bed?

What Else Can You Do Besides Having Sex With Sex Dolls In Bed? | Sex Dolls Fairyland

Sex dolls are great when it comes to having sex in a different position. But sex is not the only thing that they are good at. You can do a lot of other fun stuff with your sex dolls to pass the time to keep you company. With the advancement of technology in the sex doll industry very soon, they will do a lot more things that make them feel like us real humans.

Besides having sex with sex dolls in bed, there is so much other fun stuff that you need to try. For example, bathing, Role Play, photography, and many more. Let us look at some of the exciting things that you can do with your sex doll besides having sex.

1. Roleplaying

If you want to try something that is different and fun rather than having sex in bed with your doll, then you should try role-playing. It will feel more different, and you will get a chance to interact with your sex doll in so many ways. Besides that, you will be able to achieve all your sex fantasies as you play different roles with your doll.

Prepare clothing:

As you prepare for clothing, start by thinking about the role your sex doll is going to play. The role can be a nurse, teacher, flight attendant, doctor, maid, or a character in your favorite TV film. Once you figure out the role of your doll, then preparing the clothes will be an easy task.

The most important thing that you need to consider while buying clothes for your doll is measurement. Getting the wrong measurements can break your doll’s general appearance. Look for measurements on the website that you bought the doll to have the most accurate size.

Clothes shopping can be done either in the stores or online. Pick something attractive to your eyes as far as design is concerned.

Points of attention

Sex doll clothes need to be light-colored to avoid staining the material. You need to avoid clothes that fade because they will warp your doll. Another thing that you need to watch is the size. Forcing undersize clothes can cause some damage to our sex doll. Oversized clothes, on the other hand, are unattractive.

Props: These are the things accompanied by the characters that you choose. For example, a teacher carries around a cane or books while a doctor wears a surgical mask, gloves, etc. Role-playing is more fun if you get the props involved available.  

Script: You can get a script from your favorite TV show or Novel. For example, a teacher can bend over to pick up something from the floor during a private lesson.

Dress your doll like a hot nurse and pretend that she is attending you in a hospital bed. Then from there, you can start with a blow job and then a happy ending.


Wash the clothes immediately after buying them. If the clothes shed some color, then avoid using them on your doll. Another important thing is putting your things in order. For example, you need to set the mood of the house by lighting candles or installing LEDs.

Role-playing is one of the best things that you can do besides having sex. You just need to set up a nice environment and get the right props for it to feel real and exciting.

2. Having sex with sex dolls in the bath

This is one of my favorite things that one can do with a doll besides having sex on the bed. It’s fun and easy to set up.


For bathing and making love, you need to prepare things like water, shower gel, lubricants, and dry towels. Preparation is very important because it allows you to get right into it without any distractions.

Shower gel:  For cleaning the doll after sex

Dry towels: for drying up the doll

Lubricants: to moist the sex doll vagina for easy penetration

In addition, if your sex doll does not have a standing function, you need to prepare a bathtub.

Points of attention

1. Do not use too high-temperature water when bathing. The high temperature resistance of TPE is about 80 degrees, and that of silica gel is 200-300 degrees. Sex Dolls Fairyland recommends that you use warm water no more than 40 degrees. This temperature is suitable for you and your sex doll.

2. Apart from the high temperatures, do not take a bath in very cold water as it can easily warp your doll.

3. Another thing that you need to avoid is using abrasive cleaning products or soap.

4. You also need to avoid oiling your doll as much as you can. This is because oil doesn’t wash off easily.


You can choose to let the sex doll stand in the bathroom or lie in the bathtub. Sometimes couples take a nice long bath together making love. You can do the same with your sex doll and feel the intimate affection.

Of course, water is the most important thing when it comes to taking a shower. The water can be warm or cold, depending on the way you like it. However, it cannot be very hot as it will make you uncomfortable and most probably burn your sex doll. Make it as comfortable as possible so that you can spend as much time as you want to make love and enjoying the view of your sex doll.

The bed is not the only place that you can have sex with your doll. Once you get in the shower, you can make love to your doll too. This allows you to break the ordinary routine and experience a different environment.

3. Make Up the sex doll

You might have seen people looking exactly like celebrities after doing some makeup. This can be applied to sex dolls as well because it helps you to experience something else new and different. People also cheat because they are tired of having sex with the same person for a long time. Applying different makeup and changing the hairstyle will make your doll look new to you.

Your sex doll can look exactly like the person you want to have sex with. Once you get bored with a certain look, you just switch to a new look, and it’s as good as new.


One of the easiest ways to change the look of your sex doll is by changing the hairstyle by different wigs that conform to your fantasies or celebrity crush. Also, you can buy the corresponding costumes and products that will help in maintaining the wig.

Makeup such as lipstick, foundation, eye pencil, etc. Also, you need to have the skill to apply such make p so that your doll can appear the same as your fantasies. But worry not if you don’t know how to do that as you can look at some tutorials on YouTube.

Points for attention

Avoid using products that will make both you and your doll uncomfortable. For instance, some scented wig products can irritate. Some makeup, too, can cause permanent destruction to your precious sex doll.  

The size of the wigs and props should be accurate for it to look more realistic. Besides, you need to research original products for makeup, such as lipsticks, to have a humble experience.

1. Avoid using Alcohol based cosmetics as they can damage your doll

2. Pay attention to the wig size.

3. Avoid using harsh chemicals such as turpentine, bleach, or nail polish remover

4. Do not apply concealers or foundations

5. Fluffy cotton can easily get caught in your doll’s lashes; hence you should avoid using it

6. Avoid using oily kohl eye pencils or the liquid eyeliner because they can be too messy

7. Do not use regular paints or sharpies


Once you have all the props in order, then you can begin applying your make up. Make sure that you have dried your dolls face properly sing clean, dry towels. Whether you want to start with the eyes, lips, or cheeks, that is okay; go for it.

4. Take photos of sex dolls


Taking photos of your sex doll is another amazing activity that you should try. This will help you to pass the time as well as in creating moments for you and your sex doll. Furthermore, if you like styling your doll, then you can take pictures of her so that you can review the style that suits the most later.

Just like the way real-life couples like taking photos of themselves, there is nothing wrong with taking photos of your favorite sex doll. This allows you to try out many other styles, such as dressing and makeup. You can buy different costumes and take as many pictures as you like. Let us look at some examples of photos that you can take of your sex dolls.

Points of attention

The most important thing that you need is a good camera. You can also use your phone’s camera to take nice pictures of your dolls. Also, you will need to buy different cosplay costumes and makeup so that you can capture your doll in different styles. Apart from taking photos, you can take some short video clips. Other things that might be required for this is the lighting tools and enough storage.



Taking a selfie is one of the best ways to create memories. You can assume different roles and postures while doing this. For example, you can take a selfie while deep kissing, holding hands, or having some fun. Furthermore, you can change the backgrounds. If you want the photos to appear like a real-life woman, then you need to incline your phone a little bit. An angle of 30-45 degrees is the most suitable for this case.

Indoor Photo

For all those people that love taking photos but are shy about the outdoors, then this is the best solution. Indoor photos are great because you have the advantage of being yourself. Furthermore, you can take photos even in the nastiest positions without having to worry about other people.

Indoor photos are great since you can use the dolls as models. It doesn’t have to be indoors in your bedroom alone. Take it to other rooms and shoot the nicest pictures. Start by dressing them the way you like and choose your favorite part of the room.  

Go out to take the pictures.

Outdoor photography can be breathtaking if done the right way and in the right place. Sex dolls are great for this event since they can pause even for the most difficult positions for amazing shots. You can go to nice places such as the beach, Private Park, or any luxury place that you like going to. You will need a car to help you move around places. Make sure that it has enough space for your doll. 

Another fun thing to do is taking photos outdoor with your doll. However, you should choose a place that is less crowded for you to enjoy quality time with your doll outdoors.  Carry some costumes for your doll if you want to capture diverse pictures. Also, you can move from one site to another so that you get a variety of pictures.

Final thoughts

Sex dolls are not made to be used for sex on the bed alone. You can do so many other things with it and still have fun to the fullest. For example, you can change it to appear like a different sex doll by role-playing and applying makeup. Whether you fantasize about having sex with a nurse, a teacher, maid, or even a nun, then it can be fulfilled by dressing your dolls like one. Another fun activity that you need to try is taking photos, bathing, and making love. But as you enjoy all these options, you need to be cautious so that you cannot degrade the doll. For instance, you need to avoid abrasive products and sharp objects. If you do it the right way, then you will have a lot of fun.