Is It Necessary to Buy Jewelry for Sex Dolls?

Is It Necessary to Buy Jewelry for Sex Dolls? | Sex Dolls Fairyland

One question that pops up in the mind of many doll lovers is that whether or not they should buy pieces of jewelry for their life-sized sex dolls? Is it necessary to wear her jewelry or more so, if it is safe to allow a sex doll to wear jewelry?

Given that high-end dolls are made of Silicone or TPE material, many sex doll users are cautious of the potential staining and damaging of the doll’s body. Thankfully, this blog-post includes the information you need to know to about buying jewelry for your sex doll.

Let’s read up.

Should You Buy Jewelry for a Sex Doll?

The answer is Yes. Buying jewelry for your cute little gal is a worthy investment that you won’t regret. They say, “jewelry is the weakness of every woman” and the quickest way to win your partner’s heart. Not only it makes them look smart and confidant but also feel special and loved. The same goes for sex dolls who look more beautiful and charming when wearing the right pieces of jewelry. It is no longer uncommon to see attractive sex dolls adorned with various types of jewelry on online sex doll platforms.  

Jewelry wearables have become a new trend in the sex doll industry and are transforming the outlook and personality of life-sized sex dolls as we know them.

Based on our research and personal accounts of sex doll users, people have been buying jewelry for their lifelike sex dolls for far too long. You can highlight her personality and bring out her best features by wearing her beautiful pieces of jewelry.

Most sex doll owners prefer to buy necklaces, rings, and earrings for their gals to make them look even more realistic and express unconditional love for them. The collection is simple, affordable, and practical, but more importantly, it’s really cute.

Concerns of Sex Doll Owners About Using Jewelry

Despite the widespread use of jewelry, many users, especially first-time owners, raise various concerns pertaining to wearing jewelry to their partners. They wonder:

  • If wearing jewelry can lead to color fading over time.
  • What about staining due to squeezing of jewelry at night or while having sex with her.
  • Any specific side effects of using cheap jewelry
  • Should you remove jewelry while oiling and washing her?
  • Should I pierce her?

Precautions for Using Jewelry

To begin with, owners indeed need to be cautious while using jewelry for sex dolls to avoid any accidental injury or damage to her body.

  • The color may fade if you use low-quality jewelry. But wearing your doll the pieces of high-quality jewelry doesn’t cause any color fading.
  • Sex doll vendors and owners posit that people should remove the jewelry during the sex play and while sleeping. If not, any piece of jewelry like the necklace can be stuck in something and cause a cut or her body may squeeze against jewelry and leave marks. Be gentle and extra cautious while removing or putting jewelry on her to avoid causing any deformation marks on finger or neck.
  • Never buy cheap jewelry for your doll. You may be able to save a few bucks and some of the pieces you see may be super cute but they can be really harmful to your doll. Many users shave reported that cheap rings and necklaces leave green marks on the body. Also, it’s not well crafted and quite too often bends and breaks when even little pressure is applied. Untimely bending can severely hurt you while playing with her and also damages the silicone material as well.
  • Sex doll owners claim to have their dolls worn the jewelry during cleaning and oiling without causing any stains or marks. But it’s better to remove it just to be on the safe side.  
  • It’s always a good practice to wear her jewelry for some time and make sure it doesn’t cause any stains or marks before continued use. It will help evaluate if you’ve bought low-quality jewelry by mistake or if any piece of jewelry is leaving any stains on the body of your doll.
  • Speaking about piercing a sex doll, yes you can pierce ears, nose, or boobs. It’s easy to do piercing on your own. All you need is small spike tool and piercing kit. Remember, if you decide to pierce her ears, then be careful while brushing her hair to avoid snagging an earring. Also, use a pencil to mark the spot on both ears to ensure that earrings are even.   

How to Pierce Your Sex Doll?

Step 1: Start by preparing the piercing by unscrewing the fixation balls on them. then, use a hair curette to pierce into the skin and leave the stick into the hole.

Step 2: Now, position the piece of jewelry using the piercing tool and insert it into the hole as you remove the hair curette. Since both Silicone and TPE are thick materials, the hole will automatically close once you remove the stick.

Step 3:  Finally, screw the fixation ball back on the jewelry and your doll is ready. Repeat the same procedure for piercing other body parts as well.

Since each piercing has different gauge of needles, you should watch some online video tutorials to acquaint yourself with the procedure.

Final Remarks

To sum it all, you can wear your doll beautiful pieces of jewelry to make her look even more dashing and charming. As long as you use good-quality jewelry, you’re free from the fear of color fading, stains, and marks on her body or damaging of the Silicone material she is made of.