Is It Cheating To Use A Sex Doll In A Relationship?

Is It Cheating To Use A Sex Doll In A Relationship? | Sex Dolls Fairyland

Some time back, sex dolls used to lack the sex appeal they now have. Nowadays, they’re made from high-end materials that are very realistic. In today’s time, sex dolls look just like humans, which, as a result, increases the sexual attraction you experience for them.  

With these advancements, the use of sex dolls has increased exponentially. Even people who aren’t single have started using sex dolls. This has given rise to a never-ending debate: is it cheating to use a sex doll in a relationship?

This article dives into the burning debate and offers a deeper perspective regarding public’s opinions, effects of sex dolls on a relationship, and reasons why people use sex dolls when committed. Read to find out the circumstances where the use of sex dolls doesn’t quality as cheating and those where it qualifies as cheating:

What Are The Public’s Opinions About Using Sex Dolls?

Sex dolls have always been a topic with different schools of thought in every situation. The same goes for using them when you’re already in a relationship.

Some people have never liked the concept of sex dolls. So, they condemn the use of sex dolls, let alone using them when in a relationship. Sex doll antagonistic people think that it’s shameful to use sex dolls when you have a partner no matter what your reason is. They believe that men who use sex dolls, treat women as objects, and expect their partners to fulfill all their sexual desires just the way the dolls do. They also say that because sex dolls are submissive to men, they might get the wrong idea.

On the other hand, there are people who fully support the use of sex dolls even when you’re in a relationship. They also believe that sex dolls are better partners than girlfriends or using escorts. They think that sex dolls aren’t only safe to use, and easy to afford and maintain, but they also don’t nag you all the time.

Hence, you will get a different opinion depending on who you talk to.

How Using Sex Dolls Can Affect Your Relationship?

Whether you’re cheating or not depends on your understanding with your partner. If you want to get a sex doll but are afraid of your partner’s reaction, then discuss it with them to not affect your relationship.

Adult dolls aren’t for single-use, that’s why it’s vital to talk to your partner about the perks of introducing an adult doll in your relationship. A high-quality life-sized doll can spice up sex.

Moreover, sex dolls can’t reciprocate like humans so making out with them isn’t cheating, as they’re lifeless and used to explore sexual pleasures. You should talk to your partner and convince them. Once, you explain your points to your partner, they will probably show interest in having a sex doll and this won’t damage your relationship.

So, before you get a doll ask yourself some questions. Do you really need a sex doll? Do you and your partner feel disconnected? Do you not have any interest in your partner? Is your partner always busy? This way you can comprehend whether you’re cheating or not.

Cases That Qualify As Cheating

Let us go through some cases and analyze them if they can be considered as a person cheating on their significant other with a sex doll:

1. Your Significant Other Doesn’t Know About The Sex Doll

First of all, this isn’t a plain black and white situation that if you own a sex doll without your partner knowing about it, then are you really cheating on her? The actual reason as to why you decided to buy a sex doll and start a side relationship with the doll, away from your home, is because you know that your significant other would never approve of the sex doll. Therefore, the guilt builds up in you and it eats you up from the inside especially right after you have had sex with your sex doll. That guilt, when you get home to her later in the day, is basically felt by all cheaters. Because they know that if their partners come to know of their cheating, they will immediately end the relationship with them.

And if you’re feeling the guilt, then it means that you’re doing something you aren’t supposed to be doing i.e., Cheating!

2. You Have More Sex With The Sex Doll That Your Significant Other

Another case that is considered as cheating with a sex doll is: if you’re having more sex with your sex doll as compared to your partner. It’s understandable that sometimes women get very tired because of their busy schedules and are way too fatigued to have sex. Even men can get exhausted and not be able to get in the mood. But are you having sex with your sex doll two times a week and only once in a week with your partner? This implies that you have changed your priorities. Sex is a basic need of life and if you are giving more of it to your sex doll instead of your better half then you’re cheating on her.

3. You Have Become Addicted To Your Sex Doll And You Find Your Partner Unsatisfying And Unattractive.

Having sex using a sex doll can feel very satisfying and fulfilling to men. And in a very extreme and serious case, a sex doll can end up becoming an addiction instead of a side hobby. Some addictions bring no good to a person, and this is one of those addictions. Men addicted to sex dolls start feeling that their partner isn’t as good in the bed as their sex doll. Humans may not be able to do all the acrobatics in bed like sex dolls, and they may not possess a skin without blemishes and softness like the doll. And the reason behind this is that they’re humans. Your partner is a human and has more than one responsibility than just lying on the bad for you to fulfill your sexual gratification.

Therefore, if you reach the stage where you start finding your better half unattractive and unsatisfying, when you compare them to a sex doll, then it’s clear as day that you’re cheating on your companion with a sex doll.

Cases That Don’t Qualify As Cheating

Where there are cases that label men as cheaters, if they have sex with a sex doll instead of doing it with their partner, there are also other cases that allow men to spend time with their sex doll without being labeled as cheaters.

So, what are the cases which don’t qualify as cheating? Let’s take a look at them:

1. Your Significant Other Knows About The Sex Doll

A scenario where you can have sex with a sex doll and not fear for being labeled as a cheater is if your partner is aware of its presence. If your better half knows that you own a sex doll and you have sex with it, and spend time with it on occasions, then your partner will understand you.

This way it will be so much better for her and for you as well because she’ll be aware that you’re making love with a lifeless inanimate doll instead of doing it with a real human being, and that too occasionally. If she knows about it, she will also support you and not condemn you for having a sex doll to have fun with, because it will prevent any kind of promiscuity and instances of cheating in your relationship. So, if this is the case in your relationship, then you aren’t cheating on your woman.

2. You And Your Significant Other Use The Doll Together For A Threesome

Another case in which you won’t be labeled as a cheater is if you and your partner both own a sex doll collectively, just like a threesome. This way you also have your partner’s approval in the sex doll. A sex doll will be an amazing way to add more adventure and fun to your relationship and make it a healthy relationship, and if your partner understands that, then you aren’t on the wrong side.

In other words, if you and your partner own the doll together, then you will be utilizing it to improve and build your equation better with each other in order to make your bond stronger and better. And since your partner agrees to this kind of setting, then this case can’t be qualified as cheating, and you; a cheater. In fact, it’s a win-win situation because your partner will learn new tricks to try when you get intimate in the bed next time. So, the next time you feel like making love to a sex doll, make sure that your partner knows about it and even invite her to join you if she wants to. Then you won’t be cheating on her but making your relationship stronger.

3. Your Significant Other Is Unwell

Another case where you’re allowed to have as much sex as you want with your doll is if your partner is temporarily disabled, or feeling unwell. This will prevent you from cheating on your partner with other women. The sex doll will keep you preoccupied, and busy, by making you happy and giving you what you want. So, you won’t be labeled a cheater if your partner is ill.

But beware that if your partner is perfectly fine and you still have sex with a doll, then you will be considered a cheater.

Using Sex Dolls When In A Relationship? Is It Right Or Wrong?

After looking at all the scenarios, it’s safe to say that it’s totally subjective. In order to decide, you first have to thoroughly understand the meaning of cheating and it also depends on the level of understanding you and your partner share.

Adult dolls go a long way, so it’s better to talk to your partner and tell her the pros of a lifelike doll. You need to share the benefits of introducing a sex doll and how it can assist you in your relationship.

So, a sex doll can benefit your relationship in numerous ways. It can spice things up in a boring sex life. Therefore, with all the benefits, it depends on the scenario in which you have chosen to have sex with a sex doll.

Real Reasons Why People Use Sex Dolls.

If we look at the circumstances from a different perspective, then another important question arises. What were the circumstances that led a person to use a sex doll? If you think about the answer you can decide whether a sex doll in a relationship is cheating or not.

There are many reasons why, people use sex dolls when committed. Some reasons include them not being satisfied with their sex life, their significant other not making enough effort for them, their partner cheating on them, them not being interested in their partner anymore, their sexual desires not being fulfilled by their partner, or being turned off by their actions, etc.

The reasons don’t just end there. Some people bring a sex doll in their life because their partner is always busy, they don’t get any time with their partner, their partner is too tired to have sex, or their partner is always busy spending with their family, etc. Sometimes they can’t have sex with their partner because of them being pregnant or sick.

For a verdict whether someone is cheating with a sex doll, it’s crucial to learn the reason that made them use a sex doll.


Sex dolls can make or break your relationship depending on how you use them. Depending on the approach, and mindset, and the scenario in which you choose to indulge in sex with a doll, you can either become a cheater or a loyal partner. So, if you really want to use a doll, ensure that your partner knows.