How To Clean Your Love Doll After Love-Making?

How To Clean Your Love Doll After Love-Making? | Sex Dolls Fairyland

Taking care of your sex doll is important because it caters to your sexual needs. Besides, a clean doll is more fun when making love. Cleaning is a normal thing; even a real-life partner will take a shower after sex just to stay fresh. The process is easy, and it will not take much of your time. Most people have been asking about this question, and this is a good indicator that there are many proud sex doll owners willing to learn.

We have compiled a step-by-step guide on how your can clean your sex doll. But, first, let us look at the importance of cleaning your sex doll after lovemaking.

The importance of cleaning sex doll after sex

Expand lifespan

A clean sex doll lasts long. Cleaning helps to get rid of the bacteria that may tear up the materials. However, cleaning must be done gently without the use of any sharp object that may damage the material.

Nice smell

Cleaning your doll helps it to maintain its attractiveness. It makes them remain clean and fresh hence more likable. No one can enjoy having sex with a smelly sex doll. Whether you use a condom or not, the doll should be cleaned. Some lubricants cause a bad smell, while sperms may decay-causing an even more unpleasant smell.

Prevent spreading diseases

It is highly advisable to clean your doll thoroughly after every use. This reduces the chance for bacteria to start breeding. If you do not use a condom, sterilization will be required. Otherwise, you can use a mild liquid soap to clean the lubricant from condoms off the dolls.

Cleaning a sex doll after love making is easy using the following tools below. We have discussed the best tools and some alternatives to use temporarily.

Requirements to clean sex doll

Vaginal Irrigator

Also known as anal douche or enema bulb, a vaginal irrigator is the best tool to clean your love doll. This tool is easy to use thanks to its ergonometric design. Besides, it’s made from quality materials that allow it to last for a long time. To use a vaginal irrigator, you need to fill it with soapy water, then insert it into the orifice and squeeze. It works best shortly after making love to the doll.

Loofah on a stick

Whether you have a TPE or Silicone sex doll, loofah on a stick is the best tool that you can use. It is soft brush care that is easy to use and store. The best thing about this cleaning tool is that it reaches even the deepest orifices. Use it gently to scrub the orifices using some warm soapy water. Use loofah on a stick to clean her vagina mouth or ass first before using a vaginal irrigator. It helps to clean the residues while the irrigator will clear out the gunk and soapy water from the orifices.

Handheld shower

If you like to bathe with your sex doll after lovemaking, then a shower head is what you need. It helps to clean targeted areas while avoiding the sensitive parts such as her hair. Start by setting the pressure and the showerhead to a single stream. Soap the doll and use slightly warm water to clean the doll.


Liquid soap is the best to use for cleaning sex dolls. Make sure it unscented because most of the Detergents come in different fragrances. It is your duty to make sure that you use the best one. Otherwise, you will not be comfortable with the fragrance while having sex. In addition, the soap should be effective in killing bacterial. Look for a mild anti-bacterial soap.

Clean and dry Towel

It is important to dry the dolls after cleaning them. This will prevent bacteria that love breeding on wet surfaces.


Not everyone loves to come into contact with their own ejaculation. This is why gloves are important. Look for high-quality gloves that will not react or tear your doll’s skin.

Kitchen paper towels

These are great when it comes to confirming whether the holes have dried up completely. Besides, you can insert them in the orifices when storing the dolls to keep them moist.

Squeeze Water bottle

If you are on a budget, a squeeze water bottle can do the job for you. It is the best temporary tool for cleaning your doll as you plan to buy better cleaning tools such as the handheld shower, loofah on a stick, and the vaginal irrigator. Use a towel beneath the bottle to prevent water from squirting all over the place. To ensure that your doll is super clean, repeat the process several times.

Warm Water

Warm water is the best to use when cleaning your sex doll. This is because hot water will damage the skin of your sex doll. Coldwater, on the other hand, is not good when it comes to cleaning the bacteria and so on. Although these materials can withstand high temperatures and low temperatures, it is advisable to use mild warm water to enjoy the doll long term. According to the industry standards, TPE can withstand temperatures of 90° and -30° while silicone can withstand 200°C and -50° C, respectively.

But these are the maximum temperature capacities that the materials can withstand. Therefore we recommend using not more than 40°C to enjoy your doll long-term.


It is not advisable to place the doll on a bare bathroom floor. The tiles or some granules can damage the skin of your doll. This is why you need to use a blanket. Lay it on the ground and place the doll on top. Clean it and dry after use to keep the bacterias at bay. Do not use a dyed blanket as the color may ruin the material.

These tools make your work easier when it comes to cleaning your love doll. It is essential for you to take care of your doll especially after having sex. Even after using a condom, you should clean it to get rid of the lubricants. Besides, cleaning is the key to maintaining the lifespan of your doll. Let us look at how you can use these tools to clean your dolls thoroughly.

How to use the tools for cleaning a sex doll after sex

Most sex dolls will come with three orifices. These are the parts that you should pay attention to while cleaning the doll. Bacteria can easily hide in the openings if not cleaned properly. Besides, this is where you are going to nut in sperms. Let us see how you can clean the orifices efficiently.

Steps for cleaning the vagina

There are two types of sex dolls. One with the fixed vagina, and another with the inserted vagina. Cleaning is a little different when it comes to these two types of dolls.

Fixed vagina

  1. Assemble all the tools that we discussed above.
  2. Fill the vagina irrigator with warm soapy water
  3. Insert the irrigator into the vagina and squeeze it to release the soapy water in the vagina
  4. Use a loofah on a stick to scrab softly inside the fixed vagina. This helps to remove any stubborn dirt. Remember to reach the furthest corners with this tool. It is designed with a long stick so that you can reach even the furthest corners
  5. Rinse: Use a shower headset to one stream with high pressure to rinse the doll.

Inserted Vagina

  1. Remove the vagina immediately after making love and flush it   out
  2. Fill the vaginal irrigator with soapy water
  3. Insert the vaginal irrigator and squeeze it to release soapy water
  4. Use your index finger to open the vigina and insert the loofah on a stick to clean the interior
  5. Use a handheld shower or a squeeze bottle to rinse the vagina thoroughly.

Steps for cleaning the butt

  1. Remove the anus if its removable else move to the next step
  2. Insert the vaginal irrigator with warm soapy water and squeeze
  3. Scrub gently using a loofah on a stick.
  4. Adjust the handheld shower to one stream and high pressure, then direct it straight to the anus.
  5. Apply soap on the butt using a wet cloth. Rinse with running water

Steps for cleaning the face or body

If you ejaculated on the body or the face, then it needs to be cleaned properly.

  1. Soak a piece of cloth in soapy water/ You can also use  the loofah on a stick
  2. Wipe the body gently.
  3. Rinse with pure warm water and another piece of cloth
  4. Be careful with water so as it spread on the hearing. You don’t want your doll to start molding or rotting.

Dry your love doll

After cleaning the doll, you need to dry it to prevent the pus material from getting bad, Besides bacteria love breeding in wet places. That can transmit diseases to you, and we don’t want that. Always dry your doll super clean before storing it for the next ride.

The best item to use is a microfibre towel. Gently wipe the water until no moist is left. Then use a fan to draw away any stubborn moisture on your doll. Do not use a hair dyer because it can easily damage the skin of the doll. Use a piece of kitchen paper towels in the orifices to confirm whether they have dried.

Apply oil and powder

Applying the oil isn’t necessary after every bath. But you can do it at least once per month. However, you can apply powder any time after cleaning the sex doll. Make sure that the doll has properly dried up, then use baby powder on the body. However, you should note that the powder takes a long to absorb completely in your dolls’ skin.

You can use vaseline on parts such as the orifices, jointed areas, and the weighted areas for the best experience. However, you should do it at least once per month, not necessarily after every lovemaking session cleaning.

Store your love doll properly till the next encounter

Where do you keep the sex doll after cleaning? Storage of the sex dolls is as important as cleaning. Do not store it in moist places such as near humidifiers or windows. If it has removable orifices, then it is best to store them separately. Another great tip for storing your clean doll is inserting a dry paper towel inside the orifices for extra protection

Some of the places that you can store your clean sex doll

  • Storage box
  • Original package box
  • Cupboard

More tips for cleaning and storing your doll after making love

The following tips will help you to clean and store your doll well after use. Although we have covered how you can clean your doll after sex, these tips will improve your experience by making it simple. Besides, there are somethings that you need to avoid while cleaning your sex doll.

  • Hang or lay your doll properly before oiling it
  • You can use tampons or a fan to help removable orifices dry faster
  • The ratio of soap to water should be 1:5
  • Use a condom to prevent the cum from spiling
  • Do not dry your doll under direct sunlight, as the skin will be ruined
  • When TPE comes into contact with silicone, a chemical reaction occurs. If you have dolls/toys made from these two materials, please store them separately after cleaning.
  • Handle the dolls with care because they are expensive and fragile. Show them some love by handling them like a baby

Where can I buy the cleaning apparatus?

Most websites that sell sex dolls also sell the required tools to clean for your doll. At Sex Dolls Fairyland, we give you free complementary gits that aid you in cleaning the dolls. For example, a vaginal irrigator, a blanket, and a pair of gloves. Also, you can buy on various market places such as Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress, etc., if the apparatus is not available in your area. You can buy a squeeze bottle and use it as a temporary solution.


Cleaning your sex doll after making love is not an option. It should be done with care, or else the doll will not last for long. The bacteria and the liquid excreted may cause the doll’s skin to start molding and eventually tear apart. Follow the above steps to clean your doll effectively. After you are done with the cleaning, you can store it in a dry place, especially an enclosed place. Oiling the doll is an option, but it should be done at least once per month. But you can powder it as many times as you wish as long as it’s 100%. If you have any burning questions about taking care of your doll or need some accessories, feel free to contact us.