Enjoy your time with your sex doll during pandemic

Enjoy your time with your sex doll during pandemic | Sex Dolls Fairyland

How have you been handling social distancing? We know, in some parts of the world, the COVID-19 is probably not one of the hot topics anymore. While in other parts its still a huge concern. For us here at Sex Dolls Fairyland it still has some major impact. Besides the increased sanitizing measurements taken place (both here at the office and in our partner factories), these past few months have been the busiest months since we started retailing love dolls. 

According to industry sources, COVID-19 Lockdowns Have Led to a Huge Spike in Sex Doll Sales. And on our part we're happy to confirm this. We have actually doubled our sales since the Coronavirus lock downs came into effect—with many dolls going to married couples (True story).

Anyways, if you’re like many others, self-isolation probably leads to more self-pleasure. Both men and women are spending more time on porn hub, and sex toys are finding their way out of closets everywhere. Sex doll owners are at an advantage here. After all, you don’t have to maintain a safe, six-feet distance from your favorite, luxury, premium Silicone, or TPE doll. 

Since you might have been spending more time than ever with your favorite doll, Premium Sex Dolls team is here to provide you some tips you can use to enjoy your time as you practice social distancing.

Sex Doll Maintenance

Sex Doll Maintenance is one of the most important parts of being a sex doll owner. Since you may have so much time on your hand these days, why not spend a few hours a month showing your premium sex doll how much you care about her. 

Every doll is full of moving parts. Give yours a checkup. Make sure all of her joints are moving just like they should be. Be on the lookout for any cracks or stains. Make note if you need any replacement, or even just new lingerie to spice it up a little more. Wash your dolls hair, and comb it out. Give her a good bath, and use a brush to clean her internally

Experiment a New Sex Position or Two

Why not take advantage of this crazy time to try a bit of creativity. Are you spending a lot of time on your favorite porn site? Well, use what you see as inspiration. Go ahead and give a couple of those kinky sex positions a try. It may feel a bit awkward at first, but believe us, some amazing sex ahead!

Try Some Other Sex Toys

We have to admit, our premium sex dolls are totally the best invention in terms of masturbating but variety is what makes your sex life amazing, isn’t it? So much spare time during the COVID-19, why not consider giving a few other sex toys a bit of a spin. Don't worry, if you don’t have any other at the back of your closet. At premiumsexdolls.co, we carry a few different sex toys that you may be interested in. Feel free to use your toys on yourself, or to pleasure your doll.

Create an Ultimate Fantasy

Remember, you are not alone. We know, it's easy to get too busy for enjoying a creative and fulfilling sex life, but now is a perfect time. Be creative and detailed for an amazing sexual fantasy. You can even create an entirely fictional scenario. Some people go as far as creating characters and putting together costumes

Now the best part. Grab your sex doll and make it happen. One fun tip that some of our Premium Sex Dolls team members like doing, is taking a video for your future viewing pleasure. Doesn’t that sound fun?

Order a New Companion

What would be better than a brand-new sex doll to help you get through the next few weeks? Or even months. In some parts of the world, this coronavirus might be over. But we also heard a rumor that COVID-19 wouldn’t be completely gone any time soon. 

Our premium sex dolls are still here for sale online. We did experience some delays early in March but we are now 100% operational with shipping deliveries on time in the USA, UK, and Europe. Go ahead and check out our supreme sex dolls. We have new arrivals every month so surely we have something to meet your needs.

Learn More About Sex Dolls

Sex dolls have a rich and interesting history. There’s also plenty to learn about the care and use of your doll. Check out our blog ‘All you need to know about sex dolls’ for some interesting reading about sex dolls.