Don’t Do These 10 Things to Sex Dolls

Don’t Do These 10 Things to Sex Dolls | Sex Dolls Fairyland

Since life-sized sex dolls are relatively new articles in the market, many people, especially the newcomers are unaware of the do’s and don’ts of using sex dolls that not only increase the life of your romantic partner but also eliminate the risk of you getting an infection with a sexually transmitted disease.

Simply put, just like any other product, sex dolls require – and rather deserve – utmost care and safety precautions.

That’s why we will guide you through 10 things that you SHOULD NEVER do with your sex doll. Not only that will help sex doll owners have safe sex and increase the lifespan of their partners as well.

So, without any further ado, let’s cut to the chase.

1. Never share it with Others

That’s the first and the most important rule. You should never share your sex doll with anyone else – be it your friend or family member, no matter how close he is to you. Your sexual partner is just like your wife whom you would never share with someone else.

The foremost reason is that realistic sex dolls are made of either TPE or Silicone material and can transmit infection or other such Sexually transmitted diseases (STD) from one person to another. The risk of cross-infection is indeed very low but still, you don’t want to be one in a thousand guy who contracts a viral disease from your love partner.

Secondly, sharing your sex doll is akin to sharing your real wife and it is bound to limit the sexual pleasure she gives you. Your private talk; your personal feelings; how you dress her; what makeup you put on her; all are compromised – that lower sexual gratification and no man would ever want that.

That’s why it’s a must not share your romantic partner regardless of how much they insist.

2. Opening Arms or Legs for Longer Time

Life-sized sex dolls have the same flexibility as a real woman has. Her arms are easily opened and leg up as you wish. The developers make sure that the owner can bend her in all sex positions and fulfill their wildest sexual dreams. But leaving her legs up or arms open for longer times place stress on her joints that may cause tearing of the TPE or Silicone material. Consequently, its life decreases, and also the risk of getting injuries during sex increases.

It’s advisable not to open arms or legs for more than a few minutes and store them in a natural stress-free position, which is arms down by her body and legs closed after you’re finished. Else, you will observe various split areas around her arms and legs joint that warrant immediate repair from a professional.   

3. Not Cleaning it Regularly

The absolute necessity of cleaning your sex doll regularly cannot be overemphasized. This is the part that affects both you and your partner significantly and the one that requires foremost care. While it is a must to clean your sex doll after every lovemaking session, you have to thoroughly wash it by bath or shower after every 30 days or so.  Consider it as a precious personal item that, if not cleaned, will make you sick through an infection.

What You have to Avoid while Cleaning a Doll

  • Showering or bathing your partner is a critical process and you have to avoid the below elements while doing so:
  • Don’t use dish soaps to remove stains as it’s too strong for TPE and Silicone material and goes a long way in reducing the lifespan of your doll.
  • Avoid using Bleach to wash your doll as it’s too harsh for the material and may degrade the material and reduce your love partner’s aesthetics.
  • Don’t use too warm water for washing as sex doll material is destroyed by hot water. Similarly, cold water should also be avoided.
  • Just like bleach, alcohol also doesn’t go well with TPE and Silicone material and end up severely damaging your sex doll. So, it’s used should also be avoided at all costs.
  • While washing, don’t rub her skin especially her face with a hard surface such as a scratching sponge, as it can damage the soft and smooth appearance of your sex doll.
  • Don’t use oil-based lubes as they are not only harder to clean and wash but certain types can also react with TPE or Silicone material and end up damaging it – and effectively reducing the lifespan.
  • Never submerge her head or neck in the water while washing. Even though she is waterproof but water can penetrate the fixation by submerging her
  • Lastly, once you are done washing her, NEVER use a hairdryer or other heat sources to blow dry your partner. Always go for natural drying and use a soft absorbent towel to expedite the drying process.  

4. Exposing to Direct Sunlight

TPE material is sensitive to direct sunlight or extreme temperatures. That’s why exposing your precious doll to direct sun rays for longer periods can lead to aging of the TPE or Silicone material. It significantly lowers the aesthetics and smoothness of your partner and ultimately, lowers its life. The same goes for other appliances that emit high temperature; avoid placing your sex doll close to any such appliances.  

Similarly, never store your partner at too hot temperatures. This comes true when you live in hotter regions or during summer. Heat can have a severe impact on your partner, so be cautious of where you’re placing or storing your sex doll.

5. Laying it Straight for Longer Periods

Life-sized sex dolls made of TPE or Silicone materials shouldn’t be laid straight or left sitting on a surface for extended periods. So, if you have to leave your partner unattended for a few days, then hang her in a compression/tension free position – but only when leaning against some object. The best way to do this is by using Closet Bar Suspension Kit. Never leave the doll stand vertically unaided to avoid any accidental fall or crash and being damaged.

Similarly, don’t place her on a hard surface, else her hip and back may get deformed and/or squashed.  Use soft memory foam to reduce the pressure she is exposed to. The reason is that TPE is an elastic material, so keeping it under any stress or indelicate positions for longer periods can lead to slight to significant deformations – that affect the smoothness of her skin.

The very essence of exciting sex is her smooth and soft skin, so if anything goes wrong with that, it’s going to impact the pleasure you drive from sleeping with her.

6. Moisture is not Your Friend – Never Keep Your Doll Wet

Always keep your little love partner dry. Yes, you have to wash and clean her regularly, but be sure to dry her off using a towel. You should also use powder after washing her to keep her moisture-free.  But remember, more attention should be given to drying her orifices (anus, vagina, mouth) as these places generally hide from attention. As a result, they keep wet and breed viral infections and make sexual experience unsafe and unhealthy.

Also, TPE material, though waterproof, is porous and moisture will ultimately find its way deep inside the doll if left unnoticed. That will eventually damage the surface and make sex unpleasant. Surely, no sex doll owner would ever want that. So, take moisture as an enemy of both you and your love partner and always keep her dry and moisture-free.      

7. Bending Her in Unrealistic Positions

Sex dolls indeed possess almost the same flexibility as real women but they are not made for unrealistic sexual positions. Doing so will flatten her skin – especially around the joints that later will cause cracks and deformation.

Her joints, unlike that of humans, cannot be made more flexible with time or practice. They have a limit that can’t be increased whatsoever. So, bending them beyond their capacity will only result in damaging her surface – often beyond repair.   

That’s why don’t get overexcited and always try realistic sex positions with your partner.  

8. Avoid Putting Discolored or Poor Clothing on Her

The clothes you wear her should be of high-quality. It’s very important to test the clothing before wearing her as poor-quality clothing may stain your romantic partner. Similarly, never put her on clothes that are too tight and may compress the TPE or Silicone material excessively – resulting in deformation. Always use clothes that are neither too tight nor discolored.  

9. Never Use Disinfectants that Modify Her Texture

As you already know that cleaning and washing a sex doll is compulsory and you have to use some sort of soap or disinfectant to remove dirt and stains. It’s vital to avoid using any acid, soap, or perfume that may modify her skin color or texture. Sex doll experts recommend using anti-bacterial mild dish or hand soap – but you need to make sure it’s unscented.  

Scented soaps often react with the sex doll material and may cause unnecessary and easily avoidable infections. Also, ensure that the soap is light enough not to leave any residue on her surface. It would be best if you buy a soap specifically made for TPE material, else the usual soap you buy from the vendor for yourself will do the purpose.

10. Never Use Alcohol-Containing Perfumes

Many people spray perfumes on sex dolls to improve aesthetics and drive sexual emotions. However, some perfumes contain alcohol which can damage the skin of the sex doll – especially the ones made of Silicone material. That’s why sex doll professionals and vendors discourage the use of Alcohol-Containing Perfumes. If you have to use them anyway, then apply them to hidden parts such as armpits.

Apart from these 10 points, you should also follow the below guidelines to keep both her and you safe and healthy.  

  • Avoid contacting a sex doll with pointed or sharp objects that can cause a tear or wound on her skin.
  • If you ever massage her, don’t apply too much force. Be gentle and delicate especially while massaging her face.
  • Never get her in contact with Velcro or any clothing with Velcro. It would damage her skin/surface significantly.
  • Don’t place your love partner near objects that may transmit strain on her surface such as leather materials containing oil-soluble pigments, magazines, newspapers, dark-colored material. Some stains are hard to remove and may lead to wear and tear of the skin during the removal or cleaning process.
  • Keep your nails away from sex dolls especially during lovemaking sessions. The same goes for all other objects that could scratch her surface. Scratching creates unpleasant and rough marks or patches on her surface that reduces her aesthetics.
  • Be careful while transporting your love partner. Avoid holding her under the armpits during transporting or moving her as it risks tearing the TPE material -given the fact that she has enough weight to be compared to a real woman.

Final Remarks

Life-sized sex dolls are delicate subjects and demand proper care and responsibility by the owners. Responding to the queries and questions of the readers, we have outlined 10 basic things that you should avoid doing to your beautiful, little partner.

All these tips are based on our comprehensive research on TPE/Silicone dolls, validated by sex doll experts and professional vendors. In short, by boning up on the above guidelines, you make sure the life of your little, precious doll increases and you don’t get any infectious disease.