Countries That Prohibit Child-like Sex Dolls And All Kinds of Sex Dolls

Countries That Prohibit Child-like Sex Dolls And All Kinds of Sex Dolls | Sex Dolls Fairyland

sex dolls have been medically proven safe for people, but they still remain to be illegal in a few countries. They have put up strict laws and guidelines and offenders are charged accordingly. If you are a sex doll enthusiast then it is important for you to know the countries that prohibit sex dolls to avoid getting in trouble.

In this article, we are going to review the countries that prohibit all sex dolls and those that restrict only the child-like sex dolls.

Countries that ban child sex dolls

The question of whether child-like sex dolls should be allowed or not has been debated all across the world. Some countries have passed laws that prohibit any advertisement, sale, or use of sex dolls within their respective jurisdictions.

But some people have come out clearly with their views that sex dolls can be therapeutic; this means that people that often find themselves sexually attracted to children can use the sex dolls to reduce their urge hence. However, this argument has not been enough to convince the governments of the countries.

We strongly recommend you to check whether your country has been affected by the ban before purchasing a child-like sex doll. All these countries have banned any activity including trading, advertisement, or ownership of sex dolls.

North America

Florida, USA

The bill to ban sex dolls was first drafted in 2018 but it didn’t go past the senate criminal justice committee. However, it was reintroduced again in 2019, passed by the committee and then signed into law by Governor DeSantis. The Florida law dictates that it will be a first-degree felony to advertise, show, own, or lend child-like sex dolls. If someone did not intend any of the above, then that would be considered a second-degree misdemeanor. Repeating it more than once will be considered a 3rd-degree felony.

Tennessee, USA

Tenessee is one of the only three states in the united states that have banned any activity involving the use of child-like sex dolls. The ban was signed into law in 2019 by Governor Bill Lee. This was after a unanimous vote by the senate.

Kentucky, USA

It is illegal to own a childlike sex doll in the state of Kentucky. The Senate passed the bill to ban all items that remble minors and intended for sex purposes. I.e sex robots and anatomically correct sex dolls.


Section 163.1 of the Canadian constitution depicts that any visual representation that counsels or advocates for sex with a minor will be deemed as an offense under this act. The Canadian Border Services Agency has intercepted dozens of them since 2016. Apart from the visual representations the criminal law under the act also forbids any audio recordings, photographic film, or written material.



Owning a child-like sex doll in the UK is not illegal. However, importing is a criminal offense and could land you in trouble. In 2018 Tomlinson was sentenced to 14 months in prison for buying a sex doll online and importing it into the UK. Importing a child-like sex doll in the united kingdom breaks 3 separate laws. These laws include:

  • Postal laws: it prohibits the sending of obscene or indecent articles.
  • The obscene publications act: It prohibits the sale and distribution of child-like sex dolls.
  • Importation offenses: They check whether the doll contains a chid like features. Importation offenses also represent shopping of such dolls online.


A doll that represents a child but with sexualized qualities is illegal to own in Norway. Section 311 of the constitution clearly outlines that anyone caught in possession or importing such a doll may serve a prison sentence or incur a fine.



Importing a child-like sex doll in Australia is illegal and can attract an imprisonment penalty of up to 10 years. In addition, one can be fined a maximum of $555 000 for importing such goods. The Australian criminal law also depicts that someone caught in possession of a sex doll with child-like features can be imprisoned for up to 15 years.

People have been charged by the ABF for failing to adhere to these strict rules. The Australian government believes that it is harmful to sexualize children. Hence child sex doll promotes sexualism with the minors and it cannot be allowed.

Sex Dolls Fairyland does not ship any sex dolls with child-like features to the countries mentioned above. We adhere to and respect different laws governing these countries. You too should be careful while buying sex dolls from other countries that claim to ship in restricted are because you will be charged in court.

Countries that prohibit all types of sex dolls

Apart from child-like sex dolls, there are some countries that prohibit all kinds of sex dolls. A big portion of these countries falls under the Islamic traditions law. These are countries from the middle east some parts of Asia, North Africa, and Europe. Then there are a few other countries such as Mexico, Brazil, and the state of Alabama USA that have completely banned sex dolls. They do not belong in the same class as the countries affected by Islamic traditions.

What do Islamic traditions depict about sex dolls?

It is Haraam (prohibited) for one to practice any form of masturbation according to Islam because it infringes Allah’s law. This is the main reason why most Islamic countries have inflicted Ban. The Quran is very clear about masturbation. However, Hanbali has some exceptions when it comes to masturbation. For example, it is acceptable for one to engage in masturbation especially when there are fears of fornication or adultery. Alternatively, travelers and prisoners are also permitted to do it in private if they experience difficulty in finding a lawful spouse.

Masturbation is often linked to pornographic materials and visually attractive objects and sex tools such as sex dolls and sex tolls. Hence the law on masturbation has spread to affect sex dolls. Thus the governments of these countries have enacted the bill because they follow Islamic traditions. Do not allow anyone to sell a sex doll to you especially if you come from a country with a strong Islamic background. That way you will stay out of trouble.


In Africa, there are only, five countries that have completely banned all types of sex dolls. They are all affiliated with Islamic traditions. To be on the safe side, avoid importing, buying or advertising sex dolls in the following five countries. We do not ship sex dolls to any countries affected by the ban.

  1. Algeria
  2. Egypt
  3. Libya
  4. Somali
  5. Tunisia


All the countries in this list prohibit any kind of sex dolls following the Islamic traditions except for India, Thailand, Vietnam, and North Korea  These four countries have their own reasons and laws concerning the ban of sex dolls. All the remaining countries allow all the activities involving sex dolls.


Section 292 of the Indian Penal code depicts that it is illegal for someone to distribute, hire, import, export, or circulate any form of pornographic content. This can be either a drawing, an object, physical representation,  book, drawing, or painting in India. All these are defined as obscene materials by the Indian constitution and anyone found guilty can be punished by law. Sex dolls are not directly mentioned in the penal code but the definition is clear about any physical representation of obscene materials which makes them illegal.

North Korea

N.Korea is a very preservative country. It is known to adhere to strict traditions that make sex dolls obscene. Hence you cannot import or own a sex doll in North Korea.


It is illegal to advertise, buy, or sell sex dolls in Vietnam. You cannot import or trade any type of sex dolls in Vietnam. All the sex dolls are restricted at the customs of foreigners. It is important to register your doll at the customs if you are a foreigner so that you can pick it up as you leave the country.

Apart from trading, owning sex dolls in Vietnam is punishable by law.  Do not trust any dealer that says they can ship sex dolls in Vietnam because they will not reach you. The doll will be confiscated at the entry hence you will end up losing your hard-earned cash.

South Korea

It’s impossible to buy a sex doll online if you are in South Korea. Importation of such materials has been prohibited by the Government. Similarly, its impossible to get past the customs with a sex doll if you are jetting in Vietnam. Stay on the safe side by avoiding advertising, buying, or selling sex dolls in South Korea.

  1. Afghanistan
  2. Bahrain
  3. Bangladesh
  4. India
  5. Jordan
  6. Kazakhstan
  7. Lebanon
  8. Malaysia
  9. Maldives
  10. North Korea
  11. Oman
  12. Pakistan
  13. Palestine
  14. Qatar
  15. Saudi Arabia
  16. Syria
  17. Tajikistan
  18. Thailand
  19. UAE
  20. Uzbekistan
  21. Yemen
  22. Vietnam


  1. Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is one of the countries in Middle East Europe that prohibits any sort of activities regarding sex dolls. They are classified by the criminal law as pornographic materials hence illegal to trade, circulate or own.

North America

  1. Mexico

It is illegal to import sex dolls in Mexico. It is hard to understand how pornography is legal in Mexico while sex dolls remain to be illegal. However, rule are rules and they must be followed to avoid being

  • Alabama, USA

The sale of sex toys including sex dolls is criminalized by the 1998 anti-obscenity act. First-time offenders can be charged up to $10,000 and 1-year imprisonment. If the offenders are found guilty again then they can be imprisoned for 10 years.  This act has been standing for 22 years even after being challenged several times. Alabama still remains to be the only state in the USA that has completely banned the trade and ownership of sex dolls. The only exemption includes in situations such as:

  • Educational purposes
  • Law enforcement
  • Medical purposes
  • Scientific research

Those are the only four situations exempted from criminal charges by the court of law in Alabama.

South America

  1. Brazil

Importing sex dolls in Brazil remains to be illegal. If you are in Brazil the bad news is that there is no legal way to buy or own any kind of sex doll. This is the only country in South America that has banned all activities regarding the sale, circulation, advertisement, or research using sex dolls.


Sex dolls does not inflict any physical harm to the human body. It so unfortunate that people living the above countries cannot enjoy the benefits brought upon by sex dolls. But we respect their decisions to ban these dolls based on their religious beliefs and ethics. That is the main reason why we cannot ship a doll to you if you belong in any of the above countries. Of Course, we do not want to put you in trouble.

Also, it is important to check countries that allow sex dolls before traveling with you. Otherwise, it might be confiscated at the customs in the countries that prohibit sex dolls. In addition, it is important to check the specifications of the sex doll that you are about to buy especially if you live in a country that prohibits child-like sex dolls. We recommend choosing features that clearly indicate a grown-up woman. Otherwise, if your country has not been mentioned above, it is safe for you to buy any type of sex dolls. Sex Dolls Fairyland does not ship dolls to countries affected by the ban. You can always contact us if you need more information regarding the sex dolls that are allowed in your region.