How to Choose A Love Doll By Height?

How to Choose A Love Doll By Height? | Sex Dolls Fairyland

Buying a sex doll isn’t a straightforward task – and it’s become even more complicated when you’re doing it for the first time. Among other things, the HEIGHT of the sex doll plays a significant role in determining the level of harmony in your sex life. With the manifold growth of the sex doll industry in the last decade or so, customers have now got a variety of options to choose their perfect sexual partner.

The five most common categories of sex doll’s height range are:

The height range you prefer mostly depends on your Budget and Sexual Preferences along with other variables such as how much space you have available, your height, physical strength, to name a mere few. Regardless of what height you choose, there’ll be both pros and cons. Bear in mind that with the increase in height, the weight follows.

Without wasting any more words, let’s deep dive into each of these categories.

1. 65cm-100cm Height Range of Mini Sex Dolls

Also called the mini sex dolls, the dolls of this category are the smallest – and the lightest. These dolls are preferred by men who don’t have a separate closet or enough place to hide them. while buying these dolls, you won’t get too many details on body features due to unrealistic bodily measurements.

However, they are very cute and alluring and can give you the pleasure of having passionate sex. If you are looking for a small masturbation toy, a mini sex doll can be a perfect option. But bear in mind, you won’t get the feeling of being with a real woman while having sex with these mini-dolls – as evident from their too small size (2.1-3.2ft).

To sum up the pros and cons of Mini Sex Dolls:


  • Many men who buy these dolls need a small toy that can be hidden easily. You don’t need a separate closet or cabinet to store them while not in use.
  • As far as affordability is concerned, these are the cheapest dolls available in the market. Almost every one of us can afford to buy one or more mini-dolls without putting a strain on our wallet.
  • Because of less weight, you can easily carry and move them making them easy to handle. You may carry them around the house and try unusual sexual positions with them. Generally, they weigh around 5 kg, so forget about the risks of major damages due to accidental falls.
  • Their cute face, tiny boobs, and vagina are bound to satisfy all your sexual desires for a short girl.


  • The biggest pitfall of mini dolls is that they don’t give you the feeling of having sex with a real woman – which is a primary goal of sex dolls.
  • Due to too small body dimensions, you can’t dress them up in sexy outfits as you would to a life-sized sex doll. Dressing sex dolls in various outfits imitating your favorite celebrities or dream women is a fantasy for many men that also stimulates your sexual desires. Unfortunately, a mini sex doll won’t fulfill your fantasies.  
  • Any damaged parts of mini-dolls aren’t readily available in the market as standard-sized wigs or other removable parts don’t fit them.  
  • Another major con of sex dolls of 65cm-100cm height range is that you can only use their vagina and anus, not the mouth. To most men, a blowjob triggers sexual desires and brings novelty and passion to sex.

The choice is yours. If you want to be around a tiny girl and are short on budget, you may buy a sex doll in this height range. But many of your fantasies will never materialize.

2. 101cm-140cm Height Range (3ft 3in – 4ft 7in)

This is the range where you’ll start to find a wide array of options to buy your sexual partner. Here you can easily choose a cute-faced, beautiful sex doll who is willing to fulfill even the wildest of your fantasies. The level of reality these dolls bring is mind-blowing and the closer you get to the 140 cm height mark, the heavier it gets.  

One major aspect of medium-range dolls is that you can have an insertable vagina in them – a feature not present in mini-dolls. These dolls obviously require high maintenance compared to mini-dolls and you need to be extra cautious careful while using and storing them. When not in use, you may place a White sheet beneath her to minimize the chances of stains.   

You’re recommended to lay them on a soft place as her own body weight can induce stains or deform the shape – if left on a harder rigid place for longer periods.  


  • Start to look realistically tall (anything above 4 feet imitates a real woman). They have curvy bodies, customizable boobs (available in both small, medium, and large tits), and longed vagina and anus – which are designed to bring ecstasy in your life anytime you want.
  • The best thing about these medium-sized dolls is that you can customize them according to your desires and wishes;  
  • Because of their flexible bodies, you can use all types of sexual positions with them.
  • Unlike mini-dolls, you can use her mouth for a blowjob. That is, these dolls are a complete package and are guaranteed to satiate your unfulfilled sexual desires.
  • In case of damage, their detachable parts like Wigs are easily available online.


  • They are difficult to hide and you’d need a separate cabinet or closet to store them especially if they are taller than 4 feet.
  • Compared to mini-dolls, they are a bit expensive but worth every single penny of your hard-earned money.

3. 141cm-160cm Height Range (4ft 7in – 5ft 3in)

This is where it starts to get a bit heavy – greater than 20kg – and breathtakingly realistic. Given that the average height of a woman Is around 5 ft 3in, you would find most life-sized dolls within this range. Unless you don’t mind weight – which you shouldn’t – these dolls can provide you every bit of sexual comfort and pleasure that men crave in women.

Unlike shorter dolls, these love dolls are much more than mere instruments of sexual pleasure. You find an emotional partner in them that gives you the strength to take on the daily challenges of life. From putting on various outfits on them to bathing and cleaning them to taking photographs of/with them, they become a perfect life companion. You can get as close to them as you do with a real woman.  


  • Realistic size and weight make them the most popular sex dolls from the viewpoint of the customers.
  • Have real-human like the flexibility to allow you to try any and all sexual positions with them. With a fully articulated silicon or TPE structure and hard skeleton inside, they offer a feeling of being mistaken for reality.
  • Available in a broad range of varieties and you can choose or rather customize every single feature of the sex doll’s body to buy a perfect companion replicating your dream woman or celebrity.
  • They have every feature you see in fully developed women including perfect curves; big, round asses; big or small tits; blond or brunette hair, detachable wigs, and vagina; and others. You can treat them as either your life partner or a girlfriend.   


  • Honestly speaking, other than being comparatively expensive than shorter sex dolls, there aren’t conspicuous cons of these full-sized dolls. They demand extra care and maintenance from the owner – but what they offer in return is worth the efforts.
  • You need to spend more to buy and maintain these life-sized sex dolls.

4. 161cm-169cm Height Range (5ft 3in – 5ft 7in)

The resemblance of these sex dolls to a real woman is undeniable. The prices may somewhat seem unjustified, but it’s an investment you should consider making – I promise you won’t regret it. Being available in a range of prices and models, customers can easily choose the one matching their preferences and budget.

Just typing a few words on Google will open a world of sex dolls available in the 161-170cm range. They are all beautiful, have soft skin structure made of TPE or Silicone but a rigid skeleton – just as in a real human. Because of rising demand and increasing competition among the developers, these dolls have now highly improved the texture of the orifices (vagina, anus, mouth) to provide realistic jumps and pleasure to the owners.


  • The biggest advantage of these tall dolls is that they are a spitting image of real women. With a well-thought off customized order, you can easily get a perfect replica of the woman of your fantasies. You can penetrate any hole at any time to gain extraordinary sexual pleasure.
  • The cute faces; amazing feminine charm; realistic weight, height, and life-like flexibility; and ability to give wonderful sexual performances make them a trustworthy sexual companion.
  • Detachable parts like wigs, vagina, and head are easily available. It means you can change their appearance at any time – should you want it.  
  • Easily available for customers all over the world.


  • Again, their high cost and high maintenance can be counted as the only disadvantages. But with greater pleasure, comes greater responsibility.

5. 170cm-180cm Height Range (5ft 7in – 5ft 10in)

It is the tallest group of sex dolls and draws the attention of the customers shaving fantasies about tall women. How often it happens to you that you’re sexually triggered by tall, elegant celebrities, porn stars, or even athletes.

If it happens too often, you may have a sexual thing for tall women – and all you need to do is to buy a sex doll from this category. The biggest advantage of these large-sized sex dolls is that they are reminiscent of the big, heavy women and fulfill your desperate and wildest dreams of having sex with tall, beautiful women.


  • More realistic to a tall, beautiful woman
  • Great for photography purposes
  • Made of high-quality Silicone or TPE material
  • Can wear “normal clothes”


  • More expensive than sex dolls of any other category.
  • The heaviest in weight; make posing and various positions difficult.

Final Remarks

In this blog post, we outlined 5 major categories of sex dolls by height. You can easily buy a sexual partner of height starting from 60cm to 170cm. What sex doll you choose depends on your sexual desires and budgetary allocations. But the taller she gets, the more realistic she appears to you in providing sexual satisfaction.

To sum it all, if you want a sex doll replicating a real human then go for the last two categories. It would cost you more but it’s a one-time investment and worth Every. Single. Dollar.